Martin Picek, OK1EE

I was born in 1966 in Lanskroun, small city in eastern Bohemia, about 180 km east of Prague. In 1990 I moved to Neratovice, a city which is some 20 km north from Prague.

My first license was issued on 1981 - OL5VCY (for under 18). Later I got a callsign OK1FMR - 1986. I have my wife from 1989 and OK1EE callsign from 1994.

When I lived in Lanskroun I was a member of radioclub OK1KTW there, today, in Neratovice, it is OK1KMG. Between 1985 and 1987 I was a member of radioclub OK1KDW in Brandys nad Labem/Stara Boleslav.

I have only one wife Irena (top secret :-)) and two children, daugther Veronika (1989) and son Ondřej (Andrew) (1991).

I love contesting, mostly CW, from 1997 I am trying RTTY contests. It's really cool. Try it too.

My first equipment was a short wave transceiver OTAVA, Czech made, with W3DZZ antenna from my radioclub OK1KTW. Later, I used Yaesu FT-102 with FD-4 from my friend Miki, OK1BO. Then I bought Kenwood TS-850SAT, after that TS-570D and now I have Yaesu FT-1000MP with modification and filter by International Radio (INRAD). I have not much experience with this modification as for now.

I use a logperiodic antenna HL-457 by Rohde & Swartz and a vertical antenna R-7000 by Cushcraft. When it was still under warranty, there burned out some traps and I got new ones (2 pcs) from the factory in a few days - good service. But there was another problem. Thanks to Slavek, OK1TN, for reparation all traps.

On RTTY I use an old PK-232 with an upgrade to MBX/DSP from Timewave. It has a very good bargraph for tuning.

On packet radio, I have TNC2 GC12AX by GES Plzen with handheld FT-10R by Yaesu or IC-706MKII by Yaesu and dualband antenna GP-1 by Comet.

For RTTY, packet radio, radio control and  contesting I use a notebook - HP Omnibook 4150 - PII/300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 6.4 GB HDD.

Connection notebook - rig through RIGblaster.


all legally bought

Last updated 16/06/2003

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