My trips around little pieces of the world

Below is a list of my trips where I could do my hobby.

Tel Aviv in Israel in 1994 - June and July as 4X/OK1FMR - first time on the air from other country than OK. About six weeks and over 2 000 QSO's.

November 1994 - two weeks in Scandinavia, but I have done only 8 QSO's from Stockholm in Sweden. Not enough free time. SM/OK1EE

In 1995 in June and July and 10 days of August I was in Beirut, Lebanon, as OK1EE/OD5 - over 15 thousand QSO's in 5 weeks. I have very beautiful memories of friends in Lebanon. With help of Francis, OD5PL, I could go on the air and had very good pile-ups. And country is very nice and people are friendly.

Fall in 1995 - I've visited Japan - Tokyo, Philippines - Manila and Taiwan - Taipei, for only a week per state. I met Tony BV2TA and Randy BV2DQ there. License shaved, sorry.

Winter 1995 - Turkey as TA2/OK1EE. Only 6 weeks and over 2 200 QSO's only. 1 106 QSO's was made in CQ WW CW - 1st place in the world 7 MHz Low Power. I didn't have enough of free time.

From summer 1996 I was one year in Bern, Switzerland, and used a callsigns HB9/OK1EE/P and HB9GCD. About 3 200 QSO's there.

From 1997 (summer) till summer 2000 I was in Paris, France. My callsigns there were F/OK1EE/P, F/OK1EE and FBC/OK1EE. About 7 700 QSO's.

From summer 2001 - Tel Aviv, Israel. Callsigns 4X/OK1EE/P and 4Z8EE.


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