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Thanks to a big patience and help of my friends from a club station OK1KZD Ive finished a Morse course in June 1980 and a few months later started my own activity as OL2BCC.

Under this callsign I was active till July 1983 and since May 1984 Ive got the callsign OK1DWJ. A few years later I decided to change my job and since June 1991 till January 1997 I was also active with callsign OK4DWJ/mm as a Radio Officer on board of several vessels at Czech Ocean Shipping. It was the best opportunity to visit a lot of places around the world and also to get a lot of life expiriencies.

Since January 1997 Ive changed again my job and after 5 years on /mm Ive stayed at home, working as a technician of analog + GSM mobile phone base stations for the biggest GSM provider in our country, but since October 2010 until November 2015 for an external company.

And finally, since December 2015 I am working as a full time Field Service Engineer for a small czech subsidiary, responsible for installation, service and repair of the automated analyzers for special protein analysis.

Started June of 7-th, 2010 I am also active as OK1DW, so dont be surprised if you will hear me under this new callsign still the same person is sitting in front of my TRX and using my paddle ...



With my license I can work on all HF + VHF/UHF/SHF bands all modes including 50 Mhz, but you can reach me mostly only on 160 m band CW, with some SSB activity.



HF: Kenwood TS-850SAT or Kenwood TS-2000 + P.A. about 750 W output + Inverted L for 160m

VHF: Kenwood TM-741E about 45 W output + UV-200 vertical antenna

Modem: Kantronics KAM+ Allmode



 Via OK QSL bureau, directly (see QSL - OK1DWJ or QSL - OK1DW) or LOTW ...


Some photos:

Cheers     Old Ham shack - ex OL2BCC     Old Ham shack - OK1DWJ     OK1DWJ - foto

QSL - ex OK1DWJ     QSL - ex OK4DWJ/mm     QSL - OK1DWJ     QSL - OK1DW

73' de Ales , OK1DWJ                    

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