op. Lexa, home QTH JN79EX, 250m a.s.l.

Mostly active on 10 and 24GHz during UHF/SHF contests, time to time on 1,8MHz or 10MHz CW

My last Contest - UHF Contest 2006

Bands 10&24GHz, 6&2W out, 60&30cm dish, JN79IX, 498 m a.s.l.

Best DX on 24 GHz with Lorenz, DL6NCI - TNX agn Lorenz!

New country on 24 GHz thanks to QSO with OE5VRL/5 - TNX Rudi!

Results of UHF Contest 2006 are here.
My results:
2nd place on 10GHz and 2nd place on 24GHz

all from my contest QTH 495m a.s.l.

Picture of my RIG:

TS-850 + TCVRT 144 (for 3cm), FT-897 144MHz (for 23cm),
FT-897 435MHz (for 24GHz), FT-290 145MHz (talk-back),
3 x ETM-9C keys (with yellow labels as band ID :-)) and
one computer for LOG (Multilog) and ON4KST Chat

Rigs for 23, 3 and 1.2cm

I was  QRV also on 23 cm but only for some talk-back and only 43 QSO´s made there..

I am happy to have new country on 24GHz - OE. So looking for SP and OM next time :-)

Total No of QSO:   23cm - 43 QSO   3cm - 49 QSO   1.2cm - 17 QSO

Very useful talk-back with OK 24GHz stations on 145.525!

For OK VHF/UHF contesting results page go to vkvzavody.moravany.com

The best pages with all results (OK and IARU): http://www.home.karneval.cz/ok2kkw/contests_cz.htm


4.3.2005 - New 23cm transvertor ready, cca 20W out with 3W in on 144MHz

1.3.2005 - first tests of HF PACTOR, using KAM + modem

8.5.2005 - 36 QSO on 3cm during May Contest from JN79IX, 2nd place in OK

5.6.2005 - Microwave Contest from JN79IX, new 60cm dish, new set-up on elevation rotator, 63 QSO on 3cm, 2nd place in OK

7.6.2005 - New SMA relay in small (1W) 10GHz transvertor

9.6.2005 - improvement of 23cm transvertor - directional coupler on output

See final version of transvertor:

CouplerTransvertor 144/1296MHzPorts on Tranvertor

10.6.2005 - Having last parts for 24GHz - how to build box for it now?

… a lot of small work ...

2.7.2005 – FIRST QSO on 24GHz with OK1AIY/p during Contest. Totally 4 QSO done. Here is some picture.

1.10.2005 - First serious contest with 24GHz, due to some problems only with 0,15W (2W PA still not ready)

During winter 2005/2006 - again back on TOP Band, using 2x15m short dipole only 10m above the ground and 50W out from FT-897, preparing some RX loop and filters,

17.12.2005 - Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge Contest on 160m from portable QTH, only 60QSO as only 2hrs of operating (strong snow storm and I was afraid how to get back home so left QTH very soon :-(  )

15.1.2006 - works on 24GHz started, 2W PA seems to be ready, collecting measuring eqp. now (HP 436 and probe 8485) for final adjustament. See this PA together with Spinner W/G Realy (R220) here.

28.1.2006 - works on 24GHz finished - +33dBm out after W/G relay and small piece of w/g. There are some pictures from last night:

     Transvertor 435MHz/24GHz

Measurement with 8485 probe Local 24GHz beacon used as "marker"

From the left:   Transvertor from some surplus parts, ugly construction :-) -  Measurement of output power -  Local 24GHz beacon, built by OK1CA

29.1.2006 - Next project started - noise power meter:

Basic components - mechanical parts and
ready modules of 60d
B amplifier and linear detector with output
to standard and digital readout. 10dB attenuator (10 steps by 1dB)
will be installed before amplifier.

Still waiting for some mechanical parts....

Basic components for noise power meter

1.2.2006 - Frequency of Local 24G Beacon is 24,048 156GHz and power on port (SMA) is +13dBm (measured in D-Com - thanks to OK2ZZ)

13.3.2006 - My new "honey" - old TS-850, excellent HF RIG ready to work also with transvertor for 144MHz 


First repair - there was need for modification of DC/DC module and also re-tune of PLL to have correct voltage on the test-point.

First modifications - full range TX and separate RX/TX signal connectors (see picture)

Rear panel of TS-850

There is table of output power (in dBm) on DRV port as function of frequency and position of DRV regulation knob:

frq / DRV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
2MHz n/a n/a -5 0 +5 +7 +7,5 +7,8 +7,8 +7,8
10MHz n/a n/a -1 +6,5 +11 +13,5 +14,5 +14,5 +14,5 +14,5
28MHz n/a -5 +3 +11 +15 +17,5 +18,5 +18,6 +18,6 +18,6

Summer 2006 - New mechanical and electrical construction of 144MHz transvertor used with TS-850. Abt 6W out, frequency 26 - 29MHz/144 - 149MHz

My links:

Excellent CW training SW by G4FON try it!
FT817 forum (Czech language only)

My job AMOS CZ a.s.

Member of OK QRP Club and  OK VHF Club

I am not member of CRK for now as QSL service policy of this club is - by my opinion - against basic hamspirit principles. 

But I have pre-paid service as external user for 2006. If CRK will change their policy in this point (by correct way :-)) I can be a Member again. But maybe they will stop QSL service for non-members at all. Then I will post my new QSL info here on my Web. So QSL to me via buro is working for now...

There are many emotional discussions concerning QSL service provided by CRK based on historical events here after 1989 and some public promises and expectations. This is a fact that traditional (and for all years serving to all OK hams) P.O.Box 69 is "owned" by one organization which has this "right" particulary by some "random and not so clear" decisions in early nineteens in our country  and there are some statements from these times not fully respected now. My afraid is that there is very huge number of CRK members based only on access to QSL Service. It is a pitty that such organization like CRK needs such method for keeping members and building some credit and profit from it without possibility for example to share INCOMING service via P.O.Box with any individuals of club interested in this way of cooperation (based on reasonable economical model). Instead of this there are now some statements from president of CRK that QSL Service in future will be FOR MEMBERS ONLY. This model is maybe normal by tradition in some countries but not in OK-land and no by this way. That´s it...
My comments and copy of communication with CRK is here (Czech Language only, sri...).

73! de Lexa, OK1DST
OK1KEI Microwave Manager