Wellcome to my hamshack

QSL 1972-1975 When I was first licensed in 1972, 160m was a very friendly band. Every evening it was full of OK, OL and G stations and long ragchewing was quite common. R3 receiver I've got a lot of good friends on the band in those days. Only several EU countries were on the air on 160m (OK, OE, DL, G, HB, OH, PA etc.), and it was everytime a holiday for me to get some of these "DX" with my homebuilt 3 tubes TX, 40m of wire and this old military receiver. It's name is R3, but it is not the R3 from ICOM, hi.
QSL 1975-1983 In 1975 I've got my present call. At least I could work on all bands. But after going to study to Prague I preferred other hobbies - rowing, tramping, speleology, playing guitar and folk music. Nevertheless I built a new TX for 1,8 - 10,1 MHz and bought a "new" receiver - the well known EL10. 30 years after WW2, it was still doing excellent job and I could work my first real DX - EP2IA on 80m.
QSL 1984-1993 In the beginning of 90's, nearly all my equipment was still homebrewed. I have finished the 2m transceiver and upconverting HF transverter - the two boxes in the middle of this picture. They still do great job in my weekend QTH. 10 watts was quite enough to work more than 100 DXCC countries.
QSL since 1994 Later I have realized, that building HF transceivers at home is a waste of time (and life is to short for QRP) and  I have purchased a Kenwood TRX.
But as you can see - soldering iron remains on my desk. 23cm is my favourite band for experiments now. You can see my little daughter Pavla here - she likes talking to everybody, even through the amateur radio.