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QTH is located in central part of Finland,near the coast of Golf of Bothnia,abt 40km to east from Finlands best and most famost sea shore,the beautiful sand beaches of Kalajoki.

My home city Ylivieska is situated about 130km to the south from North Finland's biggest city Oulu and my HAM-station is just about 2,5 km to the north from central of Ylivieska,my little town where live about 13.000 of inhabitants if included all the nearest country sides.At central there live about 5000 people at very nice environment.My main hobby is Radio,and I have been HAM since year 1991.Not so long time,but radio equipments and all the electronics,have been always very familiar to me since I was a kid.Because of this I got also electronics as my profession,and I am working at local telephone company PPO as the GSM mechanic.

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My name is Aatos Poutiainen aged 51 years.I have a little family my wife 38 years,our son 12 years and a little daughter only three years and six months old. I will dedicate this site to my family to my HAM-Radio hobby and to all of my worldwide friends.

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QTH: Ylivieska   Loc:  KP24GC
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