My hobbies are homemade electronics, radioamateurs, , computer and reading.

I have received a license in 1999 and my call was OH7HPM. 2008 I bought a used Kenwood TS-440SAT with power supply.

Yes, at last, to actively hf bands. I worked as a speech and digimodes.

In december 2012 my call changed OH7NW. 2014 I went to the exam and I got a full licence.

Now I get to be on all bands and all modes. The power limit is 1500 W.




This call was purchased and activated for me in 4th of December 2012.

If you have QSO before 4th of December 2012, I am not the same person

I am not able to confirm any QSO's for this call sign before 4th of December 2012.

The previous owner of this call sign were Silent Key in 1997.