What is this place KP14QA?

It's sand and water everywhere

The place which will be our QTH, is called Vattajanniemi (impossible to translate to english). It is about 12km long sand beach, which is said to be the longest one in North Europe. The biggest part of this wonderful beach belongs to finnish military forces, and they use it as their exercise place.

Luckily this small part of Vattajanniemi, the area of Lahdenkrooppi (also impossible to translate...) is used by some civils who have cottages there. However, when a big military exercise is in process, it is not allowed to go that area! That happens also 19th november when they begin to shoot with air-defence cannons, just after our x-pedition!

A view to north

The Gulf of Bothnia rounds this cape and gives a very good takeoff to south, west and north direction, and takeoff to east is not bad too. When we worked some 50MHz activity contests from this QTH, we were asked how our signal was so good via aurora almost every time when there was at least a little northern lights. The takeoff to north is so good with only water and air...

There is no electricity in the cape, so we have to take it from 2,2kW generator. However, when there is no electric lines and other possible gadgets running in other gottages, there is no radio interference. Very quiet place.

A view to south