OH6HFX HSCW MS X-pedition Vattajanniemi, KP14QA

Leonids, 16-18.11.2001

2 x 12 ele in stormy weather

UPDATE! SORRY! X-pedition cancelled, x-treme windy conditions and antenna problem. Equipment moved back to KP14RA 17th nov 14-15 utc. QRV from my home QTH with 12-el and 400W, most of the skeds after that worked out!

What is this place KP14QA???

See our 50MHz test in same QTH year ago!

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Look at the storm photos from 11. nov


2 x 12 el (DL6WU)
FT-847 with 400W
DX-Cluster RX (only dx-spots)

QRG: 144.162 MHz
2500 lpm

OPs: Johannes, OH6HFX & Samuli, OH6HJG

GSM: +358 50 5672 100

(c) 19. Nov 2001 OH6HFX