I got my first L-class (lowest) license at spring 1997. The station is positioned in a rare square KP14ra, to be exact 64,00,428N 23,29,158E. September 2000 license class was updated to T-class (allowing 50MHz), and october 2001 i passed CW tests and climbed finally to Y-class (highest) so the station is QRV 3,5MHz - 433MHz.

WX in KP14RA

Antennas at october 2007(click to englarge)

More photos of the tower


3,5 - 28 MHz G5RV (not up yet)
21-28 MHz GP
50MHz 6-el yagi 19m agl (DL6WU homebrew)
144MHz 2x12el yagi 22m agl (DL6WU homebrew)
433MHz 2x26el yagi 22m agl (DL6WU homebrew)
50/144/433MHz Diamond V2000 GP


Yaesu FT-847 all-band all-mode (mainly for 2m and 70cm)
Yaesu FT-100D all-band all-mode (mainly for HF and 6m)
Yaesu FT-8900R 10m/6m/2m/70cm FM
Diamond GSV-3000 30A
Diamond GZV-4000 40A
TE-Systems 1452G 144MHz 350W fet amp
Yaesu G-1000DXC rotator

The hamshack (click to englarge)

Scenery in QTH place at august 2008 (click to enlarge)

The antenna tower was first erected 15.7.1998, and then I got 12 el yagis in horiz and vertical pol for 2m and 26el / 22 el yagis horiz/vertical for 70cm. Also there was a J-pole on the top of the mast. At summer 2002 the tower was taken down for installing new antennas. Finally in december it was erected at present equipment.

At january 2007 QTH was changed (only 100m north from original place), and also the mast was moved 20. october 2007. All the antennas stayed like they were.

OH8AAU lighthouse pedition Ulkokalla 18-20.8.2000
OH6HFX/P 26.12.2000 6m NAC
OH8K pedition KP57aq, Puitsitunturi
OH6HFX pedition KP14QA, Vattajanniemi, Leonids 2001 (16-18.11)
OH6HFX pedition KP24IA, Ylivieska, Huhmarkallio, Leonids 2002 (17-19.11)
Repeaters heard in KP14RA during years
OHTestLog, logbook software for 50MHz-42GHz NACs!
QRGLogger-847, better SmartSearch for FT-847

(c) Johannes Karhula 03.08.2008