Licensing information for New Zealand including Islands (ZL7, ZL8, ZL9) (addition)

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & WD9EWK - Patrick & ZL2AMJ - Fred 
Status: January 2002, Aug '04, Feb '08

Greetings Veikko!

There have been some recent extensive changes to the amateur radio rules in New Zealand. You can read about these at the NZART web site: 

Your web page with its extensive world-licensing-arrangements is linked from the NZART web page at:

This message is to draw your attention to the new and very simple “General User Radio Licence” for visitors to New Zealand. You will wish to update your web page. 

It reflects the change to Article 25 of the ITU Radio Regulations from WRC-2003. Visitors from any country can operate in NZ for a short-term without any bureaucratic form-filling or other delays. (Not exceeding 90 days).

Thank you for your web page, a very useful reference.


NZART Administration Liaison Officer

Fred Johnson MNZM, ZL2AMJ, 15 Field St., Upper Hutt 6007, NEW ZEALAND
Phone: +64 4 528 8313 Fax: +64 4 528 2173 (NZART HQ)
Email: fredj at Cellphone: 021 294 0074 
Web: Club webpage:

For the NZ Islands (by OH2MCN on 4 August 2004)
ZL7 Chatham Island is free to enter (see e.g.
Explorer Tours and DOC Chatham)
ZL8 Kermadec Islands is
a marine reserve by DOC rules  (see e.g. ZL8RS) but diving and also hiking trips are organized there 
ZL9 Auckland & Campbell Islands: The New Zealand Department of Conservation is severely restricting access to the island
(ZL9CI), see DOC for details.

See also the web pages of Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) at

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