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Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you will have no problems to get a license for the Cook Islands

PTT (from ITU database and letters):
Director General
Chief Post Office
Cook Islands

Telephone +682 29 680 ext 3283
Fax +682 26 174

Mr. Katoa Banaba
Email: sales at
Email: katoabanaba at

When you have arrived to the Cook Islands you can apply for the licence at the Communications Centre in the Chief Post Office, Rarotonga. The Manager can be contacted on telephone 29-680.

They will only issue a temporary licence which is valid for the period that you are in the Cook Islands. A fee of NZ$ 20.00 is payable and in the most cases the licence can be issued on the first working day of application.

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Southern Cook has been visited by many radio amateurs, but the hard point with N. Cook for years has been with the transportation. Now when there are flights from S. Cook to the N. Cook (Manihiki and Pukapuka, but they are typically always full) the problem is only accomodation and electricity. There was a nice article about Pukapuka in the Autumn 1995 edition of NCDXF Newsletter. For any further details contact

Ken A. Holdom, ZL2HU
31 St. Johns Terrace
, New Zealand

tel. 04-232 6478

Ken's wife is from Pukapuka and with his / her help you can establish the necessary local connections.

Veikko Komppa (Veke) <oh2mcn at>

DX Holiday ZK1 - North Cook Islands and ZK1 - South Cook Islands

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