Licensing information for Gibraltar - ZB2

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & ZB0D - Jim & ZB2/W5FI -Gary & Gibraltar Regulatory Agency
Status: June 1996, April 1998, Jan '01, Aug '07

Intro: Reciprocal licences for visitors are issued free of charge, but only for 6 and 2 meters. This information is directly from GRA via OE3GEA. 
"I regret to inform you that HF transmission is no longer allowed in Gibraltar only in VHF. I have attached two recently amended documents for Amateur Radio Reciprocal Licence for your viewing."

For further details see zb2.pdf and zb2a.pdf

Francis Trenado
Co-ordination Administrator
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority GRA
Suite 811, Europort
Tel: +350 74636
Fax: +350 72166 


Postal Address : PO Box 292, Gibraltar, Europe
By Electronic Mail :
zb2ib at
Fax the secretary on : + 350 75452

Operating in Gibraltar

Bands and power levels broadly follow the UK and reciprocal licences for visitors are issued free of charge by the Wireless officer located in the POST OFFICE, Main street. Gibraltar is not currently part of the CEPT scheme, however most contries have already made arangements for reciprocal licencing, and you can arrange the issue of your licence when you arrive. You should bring your current licence with you.

Class of Licence issued locally

Class A (ZB2xx) the full licence including HF
Class B (ZB0xx) for operation for above 50Mhz

Non-residents can only obtain a reciprocal call, not a ZB licence and may be specifically restricted from operating from some areas of the rock. Maritime Mobile operation with a Gibraltar licence is restricted to operation in Gibraltar waters.

Government of Gibraltar
Paperwork needed:
Copy of current licence
The best way to get a license:
Apply in advance to the Wireless Officer, Main St. Gibraltar
Reciprocal licences issued free of charge
Special calls:
Contact GARS
How long before you can operate?
As soon as licence issued
License restrictions:
Not from Tof Rock and certain designated areas
Licence required for importation of radio equipment, however they are helpful
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:
Europa Point, Caletta Palace Hotel

Jim Watt <jimwatt at>

Addition From: "Gary E. Jones, Ph.D., W5FI" gejones at
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 21:38:49 -0600

Dear OM: I thought that I would send some additional information dealing with Gibraltar (ZB2). I operated from Gibraltar for one week in October, 1999 as ZB2/W5FI. Additional information that I can provide is the following: Although the licensing model is close to the British model, the power output is not the British model. There is a "gentlemen's agreement" on Gibraltar to not run more than 100 watts at any time. That is the power that I adhered to, and I found that no more power was needed. I got out very well. Wilfred (ZB2IB) is the club secretary and is a helpful fellow. He can be reached via email at: ZB2IB at . The address for the GARS club is: Box 292, Gibraltar. No one is permitted to operate radio from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar without special permission of Wireless Office. The individual that I contacted most frequently in getting my license set up was Ms. Veena Purswani who works in the Wireless Officer's office. Ms. Purswani is a very helpful person. She can be reached at 350 52052. Well, that is what else I can tell you. If you would like to list me as an information link, feel free. My email is: gary.jones at   73 Gary, ZB2/W5FI.

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