Licensing information for Albania - ZA

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & OH1MKT/ZA1AB - Olli & PA2CHR – Chris & ZA/NE5O - Austin

Status: August 1997, December 2004, Oct ‘10

Intro: You can easily obtain a three month's license from the local Telecom.

Office address: Reshit Collaku Str. No. 43; TIRANA
Mail Box 253/1, Albania
Phone: + 355 4 231 231 / +355 4 259 571
Email: info at

Director is: Mr. D(ule) Dervishi
ddulle2001 at 

Paperwork needed:
Copy of your license
The best way to get a license:
Go to the Telecom building and present the documents, pay the license and you will get it on spot. The experience is that it is impossible to get license in advance.
50 USD for three months
Special calls:
By rule it is ZA/ your call. If you wish something else you can try or ask OH1MKT/ ZA1AB how he did it!
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
Useful local contacts:
Jovan Bojdani, ZA1H and Mike Holman, ZA1MH have been willing to help if you need assistance.
Places to operate from:
Hotel Adriatik, Durres, 42km from Tirana, on the seaside. Sea in directions 190-350 degrees. Flat roof...

Opa < [email protected] >

Olli Hernberg
Box 88
FIN-20501 Turku, Finland

Addition From: Austin McCaskill [mailto: [email protected] ]
Date: October 22, 2010

The Amateur Radio licensing laws have recently changed here, but it is still relatively simple to get a license. I can email you or anyone the application form. It was emailed to me and the form is in both Albanian and English. The contact person is:

Esmeralda Dervishi
Specialiste - Drejtoria e Liçencimit
Autoriteti i Komunikimeve Elektronike dhe Postare (AKEP)
Adresa: Rruga "Reshit Çollaku", nr. 43, Tirane
Tel: 00355 4 2262224
Fax: 00355 4 2259106

She can send a form that can be filled out online, but it must be faxed or emailed back to her with a signature. Americans also have to present a copy of their FCC license, probably an Extra Class license, as well as their passport.

The office is difficult to find, and over the past five years they have moved it multiple times. You are welcome to list me as a reference; I will be more than happy to help someone get licensed here.

The "CEPT" (kinda) license here lasts for 3 months and costs 1000 Lek, or about $10. It usually has a 1-2 week turn around; I now file for my next application when I pick up my license, just to keep ahead.

Hope this is helpful to someone. Thanks for all of the services ARRL provides!


ZA/NE5O Austin

Dr Austin McCaskill
Albanian Encouragement Project
Rr Zenel Baboçi, Vila Nr 37
KP 119, AEP Box 119
Tirana, Albania
Albanian Cell: +355692091023
USA: 1-501-588-1934--this is a USA number that finds me wherever I am in the world. It costs .02 to .20 cents per minute, depending on where I am, so don't hesitate to call.

Addition From: Chris Ploeger <[email protected]
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 

I have been in ZA this summer and it was easy to optain a license but I contacted completely other people...... I think some things have changed but this is my info:

PTT (ERT) Office address: Reshit Collaku Str. No. 43; TIRANA
Phone: ++ 355 - 4 231231

Director is: Mr. D(ule) Dervishi
[email protected] 

You can not get a license in advance but when you are in Tirana it takes about 1 day. No special call's, except for special project's like the Albanian Goodwill Project in 2003. You need to use ZA/ homecall.

A very nice and helpful ham is Gene, ZA1B, email:
[email protected] 

Places to operate: Hotel Leonardo in Durres, it has a flat roof and the owner/manager is very kind. Hotel Magestic in Durres on the coast.

Story and pictures on my homepage: 

I hope this info is of help for you (and others)

Best 73's,

Chris, PA2CHR


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