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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & XW3DT – Alex, K4VUD – Charly, XW3DT – Alex, Rudi DK7PE - XW2CW
Status:  Mar '05, Jun ’10,  Sep ’11, Dec ‘12

Intro: Involved process for non-native Asians. DK7PE could do it.

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT)
Department of Telecommunications
Mr. Somphone Syhatath
Lang Xang Avenue
Vientiane 01000
Lao P.D.R.

Tf +856 21 412 299 
(mbe old)
Fax +856 21 412 279 
(mbe old)
Email laofreqm at    

Addition from DK7PE/XW2CW
From rudolf.klos at
Date: 10.12.2012

Referring to Mr. Somphone Syhatath, who is the one in charge to prepare the Amateur Radio Licenses (final signature by the Director General), it is possible to obtain a temporary license in Laos. Licenses will be signed by the Director General, Department of Telecommunications. At this time Mr. Somlith PHOJ. HONESY.

What they need is a written application with ones personnel data, the time of visit and what equipment to be used.

The license fee depends on the bands one wants to use. I applied for 160 to 10m and paid 1.525.861,00 Kip, what equals to approx. 200,- USD. License processing will only start after the payment of the license fee and the original license needs to be picked up upon arrival. The amateur radio operation is monitored and even DXSummit is used for that.

Mr. Somphone is a very nice and friendly man! He will support wherever he can.

73s Rudi DK7PE - XW2CW


Addition from: Alex S <xw3d at>

Date :7.9.2011


XW licensing update


Hi Veikko,

Sorry that I did not write on time. As of 2009 amateur radio licensing is under newly created National Authority of Post and Telecommunications (NAPT). Application should be submitted directly there. The main obstacle is that amateur radio is viewed by current legislation as commercial use of spectrum. Charges apply per band per year - about USD700. Processing time is two-three weeks.


 73! Alex XW3DT

Please check the web pages of XW1A at
Thanks for Fred Laun, K3ZO for the tip.

Addition From: "Alex K. Sinchukov" <yks2n at
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 

Hi Veikko,

please update your licensing site with the following info on Lao licensing regulations:

There is no clear regulations on issuing amateur radio license in Lao. However there is a step-by-step process in place which helps you eventually to get a permit providing you satisfied all criterias:
1) Write an application form in a free format as per example enclosed (
2) Obtain a guarantee letter from local sponsor - must be Lao-registered or State-owned enterprise
3) Apply to KPL and MIC for supervision permit - Khamphan XW1FAN would be the best person to help you at this stage
4) With all papers above apply to Department of Telecommunications for your license

License duration - usually three month. Required fees - USD150. Time for paper processing varies from two to three weeks.

73! Alex XW3DT

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