Licensing information for Cambodia - XU

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & DL4KQ – Frank & 9M6DXX – Steve & XU7AEL/ZL1DD - Baz
Status: March 2002, ’08, Nov ‘12

Intro: You can obtain a license in Cambodia “rather easily”. See addition below.

Mr, Sunly Theara
Frequency Licensing Office
Central Post Office
Corner of Street 13 and 102
Phnom Penh 12000
Tel + 855 12589

Paperwork needed:
The best way to get a license:
Fill attached application forms. Send them in registered letter to MPTC (address above).
Attach license fee (50 US $), national license copy, passport copy. Don`t forget technical info about transceiver you want to use.
Special calls:
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
License is valid for one qth and one transceiver ! Validity: 1 year.
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:

Frank, DL4KQ "Frank DL4KQ" <
dl4kq at >

Addition from: Barry Kirkwood barry.kirkwood at
Date: 5.11.2012

The information that follows is based on my own experience of personal visits to the Frequency Licensing Office (FLO) in Phnom Penh in November last year to apply for an XU license, and another visit in the first week of this month to attempt to renew my license for my assigned call XU7AEL.

A complicating factor is that at my last visit I was advised that the FLO is being restructured and will report to another minister in the near future. I was told that this transition is likely to occur at the end of this month (November 2012). Until then the FLO will not issue new licenses or renew or amend existing licenses. I was given verbal permission to continue operating using my XU7AEL call and they did not want to process my change of address.

Note that all I report is from conversations in English at FLO and since I am unable to read or speak Khmer cannot refer to any documentation from the Cambodian authorities.

The situation as I understand it:
Mr, Sunly Theara
Frequency Licensing Office
Central Post Office
Corner of Street 13 and 102
Phnom Penh 12000
Tel + 855 12589

I do not think this is the person who is behind the desk dealing with amateur licensing at FLO.

The overwhelming impression is that the desk officer has almost zero discretion and all decisions are made at a higher level, technically by the Minister himself.

There is now no choice of XU call signs, those allocated to my knowledge are issued with three letter suffixes in strict alphabetical order.

There are new application forms. Presumably there will be yet another set printed if indeed FLO transfers to another ministry.

The critical form is a letter to the minister requesting an amateur license. This must be filled in with precision and only clean copies without corrections or blemishes will be accepted.

The fee for the license is still $50 US. There seems to be different ideas about the cost of renewal, but I hear $25-$30 mentioned.

There are problems communicating with FLO and in my experience it requires personal visits by oneself or an agent to FLO to collect documents once they are processed. FLO does not advise when documents are ready for collection, at least in my experience.

To date I have been unable to find any Cambodian citizen who holds an amateur license, and FLO is not willing to give me a schedule of XU call holders.

I will shortly be circularising holders or sometime holders of XU calls that I have been able to locate with a view to creating some sort of an organisation to represent us as a collective. I will also look into finding an agent who will liase with FLO and forward documents. This process seems to work well for processing immigration matters in Cambodia and may be effective in radio licensing matters.

My own situation : Home call ZL1DD, have also held G4COP, GW4COP, GM4COP, A35CM, ZK1CM, ZM1BN/A, ZL1BN/W, ZL1BN/W, ZL1BN/VE etc. Have lived in Thailand last six years with no reciprocal license. Seriously considering setting up in Cambodia longer term.

Hope this is of interest.


Barry (Baz) XU7AEL, ZL1DD

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