Licensing information for Burkina Faso XT2

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & G4IFB - Gary & 9M6DXX - Steve
Status: Oct 2003, ‘08

Intro: You can get license in Burkina Faso with the help of instructions below.

Office National des Télécommunications (ONATEL)
Direction générale
Avenue Yennenga
01 BP. 10.000
Burkina Faso

Tf +226 300 945, 363 019 
Fax +226 300 930 
dg at  
dcrp at  

Licensing Authority:
Ouaga 2000
01 BP 6437
Ouagadougou 01
Burkina Faso

Paperwork needed:
The best way to get a license:

Dear Veikko,
Firstly, many thanks for providing such a useful resource in the licensing info. You must have invested hundreds of hours in this project!
Secondly, I have some info re XT2. I was involved in the XT2DX trip in 2001. Our licences (XT2DX, XT2WP and XT2SX I think) were arranged by G3SXW and G4BWP with local help from Hugo XT2HB who works for a telecomms firm, mostly in Paris. Hugo speaks very little English, mostly French. He is very helpful, arranging the licences and some local assistance with customs etc. He can be reached at
hpooda at  
We found negotiating customs at a primitive border point near Po (en route by road from 9G) an expensive and slow process. Visitors may be better off at the main airport in Ouagadougou which seems better organised.
XT2 is a very poor country but has a reasonably good infrastructure, thanks to foreign aid (UN and French mostly, I believe). The main roads are good tarmac and vehicles are maintained properly (unlike 9G!).
We operated at the 3-star Hotel Splendide in Ouagadougou (see ) on a main street not far from the airport. It has a good takeoff to NA and EU. There is a comfortable top-floor (4th floor I think) conference room about 10m x 5m, with good air-conditioning and easy access to the flat roofs. The hotel management were very understanding - we had full use of the roofs and extra power cables. However, there is a problem with the hotel lift - BIG QRM from the motor when it is used, especially on 80 & 40m I think. It really needs someone to work on the motor suppression!
If you need more info on licensing etc., Roger G3SXW (
G3SXW at ) may be able to advise. Roger is a veteran DXer who has been to many West African countries and all sorts of other exotic locations.


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