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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke, W7LN/VU3WLN - Tom, K4VUD - Charly, VU2JHM - Lion, VU3MUV Murali, VU2RBI Bharathi, VU2AIL - Sudhi

Status: 1995, Nov '99, Feb '02, June '02, Nov '04, Sep 10, Feb 11

Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you may get a license in India. It takes time and dedication and good connections in India.

PTT (from VU2JHM):
Department of Telecommunications
Amateur Radio Section
Room 619 (North Core), 6-Floor

Sanchar Bhavan
20, Ashoka Road
NEW DELHI 110001

Telephone +91-11-2335 5441, 2303 6181
Telegram Sectelcom New Delhi
Telex 081 3161693 dot in
Telex 081 3161740 dot in
Fax +91 11 2371 1514

Paperwork needed:
See application form

Veikko Komppa (Veke) < oh2mcn at >

Addition from VU2RBI
Date September 2010

Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that Ham Radio rules and regulations changed in India. More information pse visit which is working for promotion of Ham radio 24/7. Regular employees and three buildings for ham radio work in India.

In India, officials from DOT to educate the CEPT rules in India. If anybody has CEPT rules pse send me a copy so that i can educate the ministry officials so that dx people may get guest license from India without any delay.

I am ready to help any radio ham in India and Dx ham. I am very active on radio on 14 and 18 MHz. pse look for me.

Now 6 meter is allowed in India. It was very difficult to get this band from India. We succeeded.

best regards


Addition From: "Murali Dharan" <vu3muv at>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004

VU licence fee and structure is given here with many related info and Indian Official Rules and Regulations (Updates in PDF) of Amateur Radio can be found here

The Amateur Section of WPC (Wireless and Planning Commission) Wing has moved again! This time it has moved to Room No. 521 in Sanchar Bhavan. (Earlier it was Room No.619)

The latest address for Amateur Radio purposes is:

Asst. Wireless Adviser
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
Department of Telecommunications
WPC Wing, Amateur Section
521, Sanchar Bhawan
New Delhi 110001

Mr. Irshad Ahmed is the Engineer looking after Amateur Radio matters.

His phone no is : +91 11 2303 6181
Fax No. is +91 11 2371 6111

Best 73s De Murali A7/VU3MUV

Addition 6 June 2002:

Greetings from Bangalore Amateur Radio Club - VU2ARC, please visit our homepage

I am Lion Ajoy - VU2JHM
Hon. President, Bangalore Amateur Radio Club - VU2ARC
My personal email is
vu2jhm at  and yuga at

Addition From: <SBridgesT at> alias <w7ln at>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999

Subject: Indian Licenses

I returned this month from living the past 2 1/2 years in New Delhi, India. I applied for a license on 1 April 1997 and and again in October 1997, and received the call VU3WLN on 1 May 1999. The main reason for the great delay of two years was that I was in India under a Diplomatic visa, therefore there was a lengthy review by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Several Diplomatic Notes were sent to them from the U.S. Embassy, but they did not seem to speed up the process. A person with a tourist visa may be able to obtain a license sooner, I don't know. To receive a license, there has to be personal, sustained contact with the licensing authorities to let them know you are still interested in obtaining a license. Mrs. Bharati Prasad, VU2RBI, was a help in obtaining the license as she volunteers to help in the licensing bureau.

The fee for the license, 50 rupees, must be paid by bank draft from one particular bank only. Their office is one block from the licensing bureau, but there is a lot of paperwork and a 15 rupee fee for the bank to issue the draft. It is also necessary to go to the licensing bureau in person to sign the papers, but they will let you look in their book of call signs to pick one which is unassigned. Even though I hold a U.S. Amateur Extra class license, I was issued the lower of the two license classes, hence, the VU3 callsign. To be able to operate on SSB on the HF bands, I had to make 100 contacts on CW first. Then I had to go to the licensing bureau and receive an endorsement for SSB operation.

All in all, my operation from India was a pleasant experience and I found a lot of VU hams who were friendly and helpful.

Tom Bridges, W7LN, VU3WLN

w7ln at

In India Contact Bharathi, VU2RBI, in New Delhi. If she can not help you, plan on living in India for months or even years of waiting. Licenses have variable terms and renewable options.
de VU3CHE and K4VUD

73, Charly K4VUD
k4vud at

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