Licensing information for Bermuda - VP9

Prepared by: OH2MCN Veke, 9M6DXX - Steve
Status: Jan-96, May '98, Dec '99 links, 08

Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you will have no problems to get a license in Bermuda very quickly and cheaply

Department of Telecommunications
P.O.Box HM 101
Hamilton HM AX Bermuda
Tel: +1441-292-4595
Fax: +1441-295-1462
Telex: 3633 RADIO BA
Physical location:
FB Perry Building, 2nd floor
40 Church Street
Hamilton HM12
Email: gtelecom at

Paperwork needed:
- Copy of your license
- Equipment description
The best way to get a license:
Send application to the above address and license, free of charge, will drop into your mail box practically in no time (two weeks). The license is for visitors only and valid for 5 months from the date issued and it starts when you have indicate to come to Bermuda. Maybe the best service in the world is given by the Government of Bermuda and f.o.c.!
Special calls:
All visitors are given a call: own call / VP9
License restrictions:
150 W HF, 50 W VHF (above 144 MHz). All normal bands allowed (incl. 10, 18, and 24 MHz)
no problems
Useful local contacts:
The Radio Society of Bermuda, VP9AX
P.O.Box 275, Hamilton, Bermuda HM AX
Local club information posted with the license
Places to operate from:
Local hotels
Repeaters: VP9AX primary repeater 146.34/.94 MHz (autopatch)
VP9DC secondary 146.22/.82 MHz

Veikko Komppa (Veke) <oh2mcn at>

Addition from: "Hogerty, Tom, KC1J" <thogerty at>
5 Feb 1997

Bermuda Island currently has a reciprocal operating agreement with the United States. An operating permit which normally has a maximum duration of 3 months may be obtained by US amateurs possessing a General Class license or higher. In order to obtain the permit send a copy of your amateur license along with your approximate arrival and departure dates and proposed address while in Bermuda, 30 days or more in advance to:

Department of Telecommunications
60 Reid Street
, Bermuda
Tel: 1 441-295-5151 ext. 1120
Telex: 3633 Radio BA
Fax: 1 441-295-1462

There is no charge for the issuance of the permit. If your stay will be longer than 3 months, you can obtain a license which will be valid to the following June 30th. The fee for the license is $25.00 per year. Your call sign for use in Bermuda will be your existing call with the suffix /VP9. This is the same whether you operate under the provisions of a permit or a license. If you would like to know more about amateur operations in Bermuda, contact the:

Radio Society of Bermuda
P.O. Box HM 275
Hamilton HM AX Bermuda
Phone: 1 (441) 295-5675
fax: 1 (441) 232-0293
gcuoco at 

The 2 meter frequencies in use are: 146.34/94, 146.22/82, and 146.52 simplex. The time out on the 34/94 repeater is approximately 1-1/2 minutes. According to Karl Geng, N1DL, the 22/82 repeater is very infrequently used.

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