Licensing information for Namibia - V51

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & V51X - John & Chris, K1XM – Paul & 9M6DXX - Steve
Status: April 1997, July '99 links added, Oct '04, Jun '05, ‘08

Intro: Guest Licences are issued by the Namibian Communications Commission (NCC), Private Bag 13309, Windhoek, Namibia. A specimen of the required application form is attached (appl form file).

Namibia Communications Commission
Communications House
56 Robert Mugabe Drive
Private Bag 13309

Telephone +264 61 222 666
Fax +264 61 222 790

Physical address of NCC
Computerland House, corner of Independence Avenue and Brandberg Street, Windhoek (Not to be used for postal communication)

Namibian Amateur Radio League
P O Box 1100,
(NARL) Windhoek,

tel. +264 81 124 0348 (V51JP)
President: Werner Müller, V51JP
Secretary: Arnold Köllmann, V51BI

Paperwork needed:
The best way to get a license:
The cost of a licence is N$ 50 (this equals 50 South African Rands), and the fastest way to obtain a licence is to fax a certified photocopy of the current licence to the NCC together with a signed application form, and to state that you will collect your licence upon your arrival in Windhoek, when the licence fee of N$50,00 will be paid. The original or a certified photocopy of your home licence should be taken with you when calling for your licence. If you have sufficient time, the documents may be submitted by air mail accompanied by a banker's draft for N$50,00 in favour of the NCC. The licence granted is subject to such restrictions as to mode, power and frequency as may be contained in your home licence.
Price: N$ 50
Special calls:
The call sign allocated is usually V51/ followed by your home call sign, e.g. V51/OH2MCN.
How long before you can operate?
At least 5 weeks before operation.
License restrictions:
Power is restricted to 400 watts pep on SSB and 100 watts on VHF FM. The VHF frequencies are 144 -146 and 430-440 MHz., whilst HF frequencies are those adopted by the IARU Region 1 HF Band Plan as adopted at the 1996 General Conference.
Useful local contacts:
Any assistance as may be required can be obtained from the NARL.
Places to operate from:

Originally from "J S KIRKPATRICK" < V51X >

Addition From: c.eugster at 
Date: 01 Oct 2004 

Dear Veikko

I have just returned from a vacation in Namibia. Thanks to your information I was able to get my guest license easily. The Namibian Communications Commission has moved. Its new address is:
Namibia Communications Commission (NCC)
Communications House
56 Robert Mugabe Drive
Private Bag 13309
The indicated Telephone and the Fax numbers are correct. I faxed a copy of my license which was certified by a notary to the NCC two weeks before my visit. Bring this certified copy with you and pay N$ 50 (this equals 50 South African Rands) in cash and you can pick up the license at the above address.

73s Chris V51/HB9BJL

PS: I have heard from hams in V51 that you will only get your own V51 call if you take up residence there (probably a temporary residence will do...).

DX Holiday V5 - Namibia

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