Licensing information for Mali - TZ

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & DL6TTB/TZ6TT – Holger & 9M6DXX - Steve
Status: February 2001, ‘08

Intro: You can get a visitor's license in Mali with good advance preparation and patience. Holger TZ6TT stayed 5 years in Mali.

Societé de Télécommunication du Mali ( SoTelMa ),
Direction commerciale
Section de Radioéléctricté Privée
Rue Karamoko
BP 740
République du Mali

Tel.: +223 222 77 38
Fax. +223 222 98 45
person responsible for licenses is Chef de section Mohammadou KEITA

Paperwork needed:
Every documents in French language.
1) Fiche de renseignement ( technical information)
2) Fiche de renseignement (informations about the operateur)
3) Demande d' autorisation
4) Copie of local home license
5) Copie passport with visa
6) Short biographie is helpful
7) Copie about technical informations of your rig and antenna in French or English.
8) QSL card makes Mr Keita happy

The best way to get a license:
Send original and 2 copies to SotelMa
Probably the Radioclub of Mali can help you in the follow-up
Radio Club TZ6RC
BP 8044
Republik du Mali
Responsable person is Hamadoun YATTARA, TZ6HY,
Tel.: +223 22 45 52 / 27 21 14
Handy: +223 77 78 52
E-Mail <
Hyattara at >
OM "Yatt" speaks English and may help you.

For starting the file of your license application, you must pay 10 USD ( French money accepted) and ... now wait for about 6 months or shorter. The follow-up help you can ask from OM Yatt. License costs about  51.000 FCFA ( 85 USD).
Special calls:
The callsign will be TZ 6 ... The Suffix you can choose, but pay attention to old calls. SoTelMa records do not show necessarily every earlier call sign from the last years.
How long before you can operate?
and ... now wait for about 6 months or shorter.
License restrictions:
You can use all bands allocated in the IARU region 1. 6 meters allowance is not clear, ask Mr. Keita & be nice, and may be you can get a special authorisation for 6 meter band.
Sometimes trouble with costumers service on the airport, don't forget to have documents about your rig and antennas etc.
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:
More information you can get from
DL6TTB at  

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