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Prepared by: ON6TT-Peter & 9M6DXX - Steve
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Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you will have no problems to get a license in Ivory Coast, but it takes a bit of time and quite some paperwork

Agence des Telecommunications de Cote d’Ivoire (ATCI)
Marcory Anoumanbo 18
BP 2203
Abidjan 18
Cote d’Ivoire
Tel. +225 20 3443 73 / 74 / +225 20 345 986
Fax. +225 20 344 375
Email: courier at

Paperwork needed:
- Copy of your license
- Copy of your passport (including the page with your visa)
- two passport-type pictures
- in three copies: a one page 'Fiche de Renseignements' and a four page 'demande d'autorisation'
The best way to get a license:
Contact the local hamclub : TU2FQ-Joel (club secretary) tel: 21.59.57 or TU2OP-Jean-Jacques tel QRL: 24.09.91 tel QTH: 24.21.23
They will send you the necessary papers, and help you through the application procedure, which normally involves a visit to the PTT, police and security offices. Felix Koame, the PTT licensing officer, is a ham too (TU2MV). If you pay him a visit, he might already allocate a call to you before you have the necessary papers. He is a real nice guy.
CFA25,000 (US$50) per year.
Special calls:
you can not pick your own suffix. For the first year, you will get a temporary license (TU4). After a year, you might get a permanent one (TU5)
How long before you can operate?
Normally, after a verbal agreement with Felix Koame, you can get on the air (off the record). The paperwork, with help from the local ham club, takes about one month.
License restrictions:
100W HF
no problems experienced. As usual, you might have some minor discussions while bringing ham stuff in, but nothing that you can not talk yourself out of it
Useful local contacts:
The local hams are very helpful (see also above).
The mailing address for the hamclub is:
Association des Radioamateurs Ivoiriens
01 BP 2946
Abidjan 01
TU5EX - Didier Euzet helped me a lot:
tel QRL: 24.98.44 fax QRL: 24.48.36
Places to operate from:
The ham club is open every saturday afternoon. It is on the estate of the PTT monitoring station in the Marcory suburb (Abidjan). There are also quite a lot of nice holiday resorts along the coast, which are begging for business. Most of them have no problem with ham activity.
- bring your VHF HT. There are a couple of ham repeaters in Abidjan.
- plenty of ham activity by locals. You might consider bring some second hand material, technical books etc.. with you and donate it to the club

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