Licensing information for Republic of Congo - TN

Prepared by: OH2MCN – Veke & 9M6DXX - Steve
Status: Jan-96, Dec '99 links added, ‘08

Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you may get a license in Republic of Congo. Read warnings below in travel info!

PTT (from ITU database):
Le Directeur général, Président du Conseil d'Administration de
l'Office national des postes et des télécommunications et de la
Caisse nationale d'épargne
Avenue Paul Doumer

Telephone +242 811 693
Fax +242 811 695

In the last NCDXF Newsletter Autumn 1995 there was a very interesting, colourful, and teaching article by Holger Hannemann DL7VTM about TN2M / TN4U Congo Dxpedition. If someone wants to go there Holger is willing to give further information about the local details. The difficult thing seemed to be to get permission from Congo Secret Service for the operation. Could not put Holger's address here because BuckMaster's HamCall (tm) Server is giving his temporary US address.

Veikko Komppa (Veke) < oh2mcn at >

Travel info: DESTINATION REPUBLIC OF CONGO and subWWWay to Republic of Congo

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