Licensing information for West-East-Central Kiribati and Banaba Island - T3

Prepared by: ON6TT-Peter, OH2MCN-Veke, W2HRX- Greg, T30MT - Mote & KM9D/T30MY - Mike, NY0V Tom, KX4TT - Lee
Status: Feb-93, June '98, July '99 links, May '03, May 08, Sep 12

Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you will have no problems to get a license for the Kiribatis. A license is issued to you on the spot. Recent information confirms that you can handle your license application via their web pages.

All older info deleted.

The former Telecommunication Authority of Kiribati has a new change of name under the new ACT and the new name is now Communications Commission of Kiribati.

They have made it somewhat easier to get a reciprocal license. Go to:
and fill out the form; you will need to scan your existing license and passport. The bank transfer details are below.

This is from the new website.

73 es TU de KX4TT Lee

The procedure in applying for an Amateur License to operate in Kiribati if you are applying from outside Kiribati is as follows.

- Complete Amateur Radio application form
-Attach the copy of your passport front page details
-Attach the copy of your valid amateur license

Send the above listed documents to the respective email addresses kaboterenga.romatoa at oritaaka.tebaka at . The license could only be sent once the license fee of AUD$115.00 is received and notified by our bank. (this is now done by using the form above - KX4TT)

Bank details for wire transfer:
Bank Name: Bank of Kiribati, SWIFTCODE; BKIRKIKI
Beneficiary: Telecommunications Authority of Kiribati
Account Number: 626414
Address: P.O.Box 529, Betio Tarawa, Kiribati

The validity of the license is fixed for one year from the date of issuance. If you wish to renew your license you should pay the license fee of AUD$115.00 (extra $15.00 for bank charge).

If you need more information, please feel free to call us or email to kaboterenga.romatoa at

DX Holiday T32 - East Kiribati (Line Islands)

See also Destination Kiribati and Banaban Heritage Society Inc. and

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