Licensing information for Aruba - P4

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & K9UWA/ P40WA - John & P43E - Emily & K1LBG - Joe
Status: -95, May '99, Dec '99, Jan '02

Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you can get a license for Aruba.

PTT (from P43E):
Caya Betico Croes 149,

Tel: (+297) 58-26069,
Fax: (+297) 58-25307

Radio Club:
Aruba Amateur Radio Club [AARC]
Address: P.O. Box 2273, San Nicolas
Location: Spaanslagoenweg 12, Pos Chiquito
aarc at

Paperwork needed:
- Copy of your license
- Copy of passport
- Social security number
The best way to get a license:
Send application shown below to the above address with the required copies at least three months before your visit.
40 USD plus government stamps. For special calls add 25 USD. Do not send money (see below).
Special calls:
See above
License restrictions:
None in particular
No problems
Useful local contacts:
Aruba Amateur Radio Club, P.O.Box 273, Sint Nicolaas, Aruba
Places to operate from:
Hotel Americana Aruba P.O.Box 218 (several operations) , phone +297 8 24500, fax +297 8 23191; and The Holiday Inn, 2 L.G.Smith Boulevard, phone +297 8 23600
[Best route is to also pay Lance Philips P43WLP (ok in callbook) extra $30.00 to hand carry your paperwork through the system...still takes about 90 days!.......Lance is a Really Great host !]
See below

73 de JOHN K9UWA/ P40WA

Oh2mcn at
"John C. Goller" <0007490835 at>

Great webpage, and very useful. I have some update regarding to Aruba, on the p4.htm.
Some years back, the telecom offices were split, and SETAR is the telephone company. For amateur radio, please use the DTZ address and phone.
Tel: 2978-26069, and fax: 2978-25307.
Our club address is correct. p43t's phone # is only 838407, as the 852773 was an older number at a previous house.
Also, P43WLP is no longer handling applications, as he's been pretty sick a while back, and is still recovering. Anyone that wants to get in touch with someone here can contact us at the club. But DTZ themselves also faxes the applicant back.

Best 73, de P43E Emily Thiel

p43e at AARC Treasurer (1999-2000)

Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 15:32:48 -0500
Addition From: Joe Heck
heck at

Subject: Aruba update

I just operated from Aruba this December 2001. The licensing is a bit different from what you have on your web site, and if you want to, I can send the current
application sheet to you and also update you on times and costs. Essentially it cost me $20.16 US for the license and it took from June until October 11 to get it processed. I can be more specific if you think it is worthwhile.

Joe Heck, K1LBG

Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 10:54:27 -0500
From: joe heck <
heck at

Subject: Re: aruba update

Here is the scoop firsthand as of last June, 2001: I applied for a license in June using the form I sent you. I faxed it to Aruba. After several weeks I received a fax back saying they were processing it and that it had been forwarded to the Justice Ministry for review. (I guess they wanted to see if I had any outstanding parking tickets). The written response (same as the fax) arrived by mail in a couple more weeks.

In October I received word via fax (with mail confirmation a couple of weeks after that) that my application was complete and I was granted a license.

I was to arrive in Aruba and pay 35 florins ($20.60 U.S.D.) at the bank that they have an account at and get a receipt. That was my license fee. I was then to go to the Telecommunications office and show them my receipt and get my permission to operate. However, I could not actually operate until an inspector came out to where I had my equipment set up and check over my stuff. That meant the equipment could not be just laid out, but actually in its operating position, including the antenna.

I arrived on a Saturday, and could not get to the government offices until Monday, and the inspector came out on Tuesday, so an operator will lose a few days just cleaning up paperwork.

I was told that I would get my actual license at a later time. It is now the middle of January and it has not been sent to me yet. I hope this update helps anybody who looks at your information.

Sincerely, Joe Heck, K1LBG (P4/K1LBG), 73

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