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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & DL2GAC/P29VMS/H44MS/H40MS/VU2BMS – Bernhard & G3KHZ/P29NI – Derek & 9M6DXX - Steve
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Intro: With this information you will get easily a license in PNG.

Papua New Guinea Telecommunication Authority
Frangipani Street, Hohola (suburb of Port Moresby)
PO Box 8444
BOROKO, National Capital District,

Telephone +675 325 8633
Fax +675 300 4829 or 325 6868
Email: uoome at

Mr. Aiavuna Walo in Pangtel is very helpful. DL2GAC has dealt with him since 1989. Mr Aiavuna Walo’s position has now been taken by Mr Leo Koae.

Paperwork needed:
Application forms (TR105 & TR143)
Copy of original license
The best way to get a license:
Fill in the application forms and post them 1-2 months before your visit to Pangtel c/o Mr. Walo. Add a note that that you will call him after arrival in person and will pay the license fee in cash (in 2000 22 Kina abt 8 USD per year) and will clarify if necessary any problems. Please indicate when you are probably coming. You can get the visitor's license for severial years too (at least upto 5 years).
Abt 8 USD
Special calls:
Most probably you get P29V(isitor) plus what you wish (typically your initials). Maybe you can negociate about a special one for a special purpose like contest.
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
All bands, power 400 W PEP
Nothing special.
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:
DL2GAC has stayed many times in
Granville Motel near Port Moresby, Jackson Airport. They have 200+ rooms and hence often vacancies. They will also collect you from Airport if asked by telephone after your arrival.

After you have moved into your Hotel room call Mr. Walo to make sure he is in his office. Then take a taxi to Pangtel and ask the Hotel desk about the
taxifare so that you are not overpaying. Pangtel is in HOHOLA suburb of Port Moresby next to PNG forest service and a private company called Bishop
I usually left Mr. Walo's office in 30 mins and had in my hand what I wanted.
Exact station location in PNG in the application form is not very critical. I have stated in form that as a tourist I would be moving aroiund different
places in the country and asked if it would be possible to fill in the licence as location of the station: Papua New Guinea which was granted without any problems.
PS I believe it is even possible not to apply in advance. Just simply walk in Mr. Walo's office, fill in the required documents, pay fee and walk away in 30 mins your licence in your hand.

73 de Bernhard Stefan <dl2gac at>


Joyce Cox <jac at>


Date: 31.3.2012 19:20:41


Hi Veikko,


Licensing in PNG has changed.  NICTA (National Information and Communications Technology) has replaced PANGTEL.  In April 2011 the new rules only allowed PNG nationals and foreigners working for a PNG registered companies to have licences.  After lengthy delays and repeated requests, I along with Hans SM6CVX were allowed to renew our licences.  We believe the rules have now been amended to permit a visitor to be granted a licence.


Application procedure:




Select "Application forms"


Download and fill in APA-AMT700.doc


The annual cost of a licence is 24.50 PNG Kina


73 Derek



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