Licensing information for Argentina - LU

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & Claudio Fernandez LU7DW & WD9EWK - Patrick
Status: December 1996, Sept 1997, Feb 1998, Dec '99, Mar '01, Feb '03, Jul '04

Intro: If you have a foreign license, you can get a license in Argentina

Mr. Luis Calabrese
Seccion Radioaficionados
Peru 105 piso 12
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This office is located in downtown Buenos Aires

Tel +54-11-4347-9642 / 9641
FAX +54-11-4347-9711

Paperwork needed:
* Passport
* Copy of your license (in english, portuguese or spanish)
* Some application forms you get in the office
* Visa (if necessary)

The best way to get a license:
You need to go to the office, fill in the forms and wait.
Could be very useful to contact some radio club before your visit.
If you have an IARP, don't need any other paper.
[IARP (International Amarateur Radio Permit) is a license valid in several American country, similar to originally European CEPT licence. At this time the IARP is valid in about 10 countries. If you want more information, please feel free to ask LU7DW and he will response to you ASAP.]
FREE no charge
Special calls:
not available, only LU/callsign
How long before you can operate?
License is issued while you wait in the office or in the next three days. Or
If you send the paper through a radio club, this radio club can send you the license before your arrival.
License restrictions:
You get equivalent class to your class in your home country
not problem
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:
several radio clubs, difficult from hotels.

Claudio Fernandez LU7DW
< lu7dw at >

Some declarations:
To get the IARP (International Amateur Radio Permit) you need to be citizen of one of the American countries being signatures of the IARP treaty. If you don't go to Buenos Aires city, the best way to get a license is send in advance a copy of all the papers via FAX with a letter explaining the situation to LU4AA Radio Club Argentino (FAX # +54-11-4305-0505) or via e-mail : lu4aa at and they surely help you with the license. I'm not sure if this information is usefull but Mr Luis Calabrese speaks only Spanish and French.

If you need any other information or want to ask me something, please don't hesitate tokeep in touch with me.

Best Regards

73, Claudio LU7DW

Addition From: "GACW" <gacw at>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003

Hello dear OM:

Noticed via Claudio LU7DW of your very useful web site, we inform you about our program "Visit Argentina" to help visitors to get his/her licenses and find some welcome locations in Argentina. This program is running under non-commercial/non-profit criteria with the help of GACW members (Gruppo Argentino de CW) and local Radio Clubs.

Muchos saludos,
Best regards,

gacw at

Date: 26 Jul 2004
From: Patrick STODDARD <wd9ewk at> 

I was in Argentina in April 2004. I know Claudio LU7DW, and he was very helpful in filing my paperwork in Buenos Aires and getting my permit from the authorities there. I sent him scanned copies of my application, US ham license, and passport ID page in an e-mail in early February. I also had an IARP permit from the ARRL, so I could have operated with that and not had problems, but wanted to get the official Argentine paperwork for my collection. :-) The LU permit is free, it took about 7 weeks from the time I e-mailed Claudio my paperwork until he had the permit in his hands, and he gave it to me in the airport at Buenos Aires after I cleared Customs on 15 April. For me, it was great - it had no special restrictions like my Mexican permits always have, and for the limited time I had to play radio down there it was fun!

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