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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & JT1CD - N. Khosbayar & JT1CD – Khos, & Bat JT1CS
Status: May 2001, Sept '08, Dec ‘11

Intro: According to Mongolian regulations, foreigners visiting Mongolia may obtain Amateur Radio License to operate Mongolian Club or Individual station, if they possess a license in their home country. In case the foreigner does not hold an amateur license foreigner has to apply for a license according to the “Regulations for Amateur Radio Operations in Mongolia”. 

The application for license should be addressed to: 
Mongolian Amateur Radio Society (MARS)
P. O. Box 830, 
tel. +377 97 9 85 656 / +377 98 988 800
Fax: +976 11 315 434 
jt1kaa at  

A copy of home country license and a photo of the applicant should be attached with the application. If the visitor intends to bring his own equipment's, he (she) should inform MARS about it in advance. Application should be written in English and SASE supplied for application form. All above documents should reach the proper Mongolian Amateur Radio Society at least 1 month before the intended visit. 

Two kinds of Mongolian Amateur radio licenses are available: 
1. Temporary Amateur License 
• Up to 1 year 
2. Basic Amateur License 
• Up to 5 years 

The License Fees: 
• Individual Callsign: 100 USD each year. 
• Club Callsign: Every member of the team must pay 60 USD each year.


Oh2mcn at

Addition from Mongolian Radio Sports Federation [email protected]
Date 26.12.11

MRSF has been entrusted by the Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (CRC) to receive applications for and to test all amateur radio license applicants in Mongolia, and to provide the results to the CRC. After CRC receives MRSF’s exam results and other documents, CRC will issue and renew Amateur Radio Licenses to both Mongolians and foreigners.

MRSF is authorized to (1) provide exams,(2) inspect applicant’s radio equipment, (3) provide Amateur Radio Callsigns, and (4) collect both CRC and MRSF service fees.

Applicants must provide the following documents to MRSF to obtain an Amateur Radio License in Mongolia.


- Application.

- Notarized copy of Citizen’s ID.

- The result of Examine taken by MRSF.

- Fee.


- Application.

- Copy of Passport (page with names and photo).

- Copy of Mongolian visa (for temporary amateur radio license).

- Copy of Residency permit and ID (for one year amateur radio license).

- Copy of Home amateur radio License if there is one.

- The results of the MRSF exam.

- Fee: Temporary License – 80.00 USD, One year License – 150.00 USD.

If you are renewing your amateur radio license, you must provide the following documents to MRSF FOUR weeks before your valid license expires.

- Application.

- Copy of previous License.

- Fee.

All fees must be paid to MRSF.

Each foreigner must apply for his/her amateur radio license FOUR weeks prior to planed operations in Mongolia. After MRSF checks and screens all application documents, it will send the results and other documents to the CRC for the license. CRC will issue Amateur radio License to the applicants and send it to MRSF.

Please contact MRSF for an exam and application. For more information, visit:

Note to foreigners: Please do not announce your operation until you get your Amateur Radio License.

Travel info: DESTINATION MONGOLIA and subWWWay to Mongolia

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