Licensing information for Honduras - HR

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & Kenton Brown & HR1JMA - Juan Carlos
Status: June 1996, Dec '99 links added, Jun '01, Mar '02

Intro: The best way to get a license: In Honduras, Amateur Radio Licenses are extended by CONATEL (National Telecommunications Commission). For a temporary amateur radio license, please do the following.

Note: This information is provided by Juan Carlos Mercado A., HR1JMA; a member of Radio Club Tegucigalpa and FEDEHCRA (Federacion
Hondureña de Clubes de Radioaficionado) on 15 May 2004



Please send your application to:

Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CONATEL)
Secretario Comsionado
P.O. Box 15012, Toncotin, Comayagüela, Honduras, C.A. or
Col. Modelo, 6th Ave, contiguo a Hondutel de Toncontin. Comayagüela, Honduras, C. A.

Web Page:
secretaria at

Phone: 504-234-8600

Fax: 504-234-8611

Paperwork needed:

1. License extended by the FCC or national regulator.
2. Copy of licenses received from other countries
3. Passport (personal data and Honduran visa)
4. Letter explaining amateur radio intentions while in Honduras
    a. Address where you will be staying
    b. Length of stay (arrival and departure dates)
    c. Equipment, bands, and operating modes
    d. Please specify if you need a special call sign
    e. Personal contacts in Honduras; phone and address

The best way for send this documents is via fax 504-234-8611.

Also, you can send this information by certified mail to CONATEL or by Email to secretaria at

Please send a copy of the documents also to:

Radio Club Tegucigalpa
Colonia Palermo, Calzada Guadalupe, Avenida Independencia, Casa #428 A.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America
P.O.Box 3256. Tegucigalpa; Honduras
Phone: 504-239-4149
Fax: 504-239-3608


If you need more information, you may also contact:
Juan Carlos Mercado, HR1JMA
jcmercandi at

Radio Club de Honduras [RCH]
Location: Colonia El Altiplano, San Pedro Sula
Address: P.O. Box 273, San Pedro Sula
Tel: +504 556-6173 <HQ>, 566-1255 <HR2HEG>, 552-5872 <HR2AAB>, 547-8484 <HR2JMA>
Fax: +504 556-6173 <HQ>
Email: RCH at <HQ>, CYSSA at <HR2HEG>, aleman at <HR2AAB>
President: Vinicio De Leon, HR2MVD
Vice President: Hugo Emilio Guerra, HR2HEG
IARU liaison: Arturo Aleman, HR2AAB
Secretary: Ruth Erazo, HR2RJE
Last updated: 9-Mar-2003

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