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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & HL1SSG - Min & HL1IWD - Lee & HL2RU – Simon, HL9LNG - James
Status: June 1996, Mar 2000, Feb ‘10

Intro: From this year 2000, any foreign nationals who have a valid amateur radio license can receive Korean radio license in proper time.

There are seven regional offices, here is the ONE in Seoul:
Officer for Amateur Radio Licensing
Department of Electromagnetic Wave Management
Regional Office of Telecommunications in Seoul
Kwangwhamum Post Office 7-th floor
154-1 Seorin-dong, Chongro-ku
Seoul, Korea
Phone : +82-2-725-2801

Licenses handled by
KOREA (South Korea): Korean Amateur Radio League [KARL]
Address: C.P.O. Box 162, Seoul 100-601
Telephone: +82 (2) 575-9580
Telefax: +82 (2) 576-8574
karl at or hl0hq at

Paperwork needed:
Application form can be obtained by writing KARL, and KARL will help him/her. KARL also processes all the required licensing procedure on behalf of the applicants. The application must be submitted to KARL 60 days before you want to start operate, and callsign will be HL#/home_call where # is call area (1 to 5) where you want to operate.
The best way to get a license:
Application fee is 80,000 won (approximately US$105) for station transmitting below 50 watt, 100,000 won (approx. US$132) for station transmitting above 50 watt as of June 5, 1996.
Special calls:
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:
For your reference, Korean hams must have two licenses, one for operator license, another for station license. To get an operator license, we have
to pass an examination, and this entitles to operate a club station. But, to own his/her station with his callsign, we have to apply station license. PTT in Korea inspects the station, and give the station license with a callsign. Japanese (country with reciprocal agreement) hams with valid license of his country do NOT need to take exam for operator's license. But he must apply for station license.

Hyoung Bok Min <min at>

Addition from HL9LNG, James Scrudder
Date: January 28, 2011

Subject: News Tip: Website Automated Form
Email: scrudder_jim at

Subject: HL9 Amateur Group formed

Description: We have finally got the HL9 Authorization process back in business in Korea. If you are a US Government employee coming to Korea on orders then please check out our website at . Up to date information as to how to get a reciprocal license, HL9 Authorization, and how to get in contact with current HL9'ers in country is provided.

I am Korean ham, HL1IWD (Lee) and working as a director of frequency committee of KARL. I wish to send new information about Korean amateur radio license issue for foreign nationals.

From this year 2000, any foreign nationals who have a valid amateur radio license can receive Korean radio license in proper time. Before this change, only Japanese could receive Korean radio license by reciprocal permission.

Foreign nationals who want to get Korean amateur radio license can directly contact KARL (Korean Amateur Radio League) in proper time. KARL's address and e-mail are as follows:

The Korean Amateur Radio League,
C.P.O.BOX 162, Seoul, Korea
hl0hq at

Applicant can receive application paper from KARL and should send paper to KARL again with fees. Fees for permission of less than 50 watts are about US 70$ and over 50 watts are about US 85$. Radio license is valid for one year. Callsign will be issued as a form of HL#/Home call.

In South Korea, we have two kinds of radio licenses. One is operator license and the other is station license. Hence licensing will have two kinds of processes. Person who wants to have own radio station will receive license after Korean officer can identify his actual station in place where he will stay in Korea (but. it's formal process and feel free!). Person who will share Korean ham's radio station, license will be issued simply in less than one month after application.

Also Korean hams sincerely hope to get radio license easily from USA and Europe (like CEPT's). Till this moment, Korean radio amateur can not receive license from USA but some Europian countries issue permit to Korean ham. We sincerely thank for generous understanding about amateur radio from Korean government and their modern way of thinking for globalization.

Welcome to Korea, especially radio amateurs who want to operate from South Korea!

73's HL1IWD, Sungki Lee <hl1iwd at>

I'm Korean ham HL2RU (Simon): The Korea Amateur Radio League, E-mail addres is karl at or hl0hq at pse update !! Have a niceday vy de HL2RU / Simon.
My homepage is . Welcome to Korea, especially radio amateurs who want to operate from South Korea!

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