Licensing information for Hungary - HA

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & HA/WOYR - Mike, HA5X - Kris, HA5MA – Laci, 9M6DXX - Steve
Status: May 1997, Feb '98, Aug '06, Apr '07, ‘08

Intro: It is not difficult for a foreign amateur to obtain a license here. Hungary implements CEPT Recommendation TR 61-01 and no separate license is needed if you have joined CEPT. For other than CEPT countries the following is the best information that we have.

Hungarian National Communications Authority (NHH),
Ostrum u 23-25,
PO Box 75,
1525 Budapest,
tel. +36 1 457 7100 / 7488
fax. +36 1 356 5520

Paperwork needed:
- a copy of my present Amateur Radio license
- a copy of my passport identification page
- international money order payable to NHH
The best way to get a license:
Here in Hungary the licensing agency requires tax stamps to be supplied with the application, which could be purchased at any post office. That is, you go to a post office and purchase 2,200 ft. worth of tax stamps and those are used to pay the fee. Outside, I should think an international money order for 2,200 ft. should suffice, made payable to: NHH or equivalent to the FCC.
The license costs 2,200 Hungarian forints which, at the current exchange rate of 180 ft/ dollar equals about $ xx.xx
Special calls:
call will be HA/your call
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:

Here is the text of the letter I have used to obtain and renew my HA license. The license period is 90 days and it can be renewed with the licensing fee due with each application.

Dear Sir,

I respectfully request that you issue to me a temporary license for the operation of an Amateur Radio station during my visit to Hungary.

I attach a copy of my present USA Amateur Radio license and a copy of my USA passport identification page. I have enclosed in international money order payable to HIF in the amount of $ XXX US.


During my stay in Hungary, the following information will apply:

Settlement: (address in Hungary)
Telephone at Settlement:
Date of Arrival:
Date of Departure:
Transceiver Manufacturer/Model:

Please post the license or any questions to:

City State


Mike Lonneke <
w0yr at>

Addition from: HG5XA / HA5X [ha5x at]
Date: 9.8.2006

Hungary implements the following recommendations:

CEPT T/R 61-01 (CEPT licence)
CEPT T/R 61-02 (HAREC certificate)
ECC/REC 05-06 (CEPT Novice licence)

Those holding a valid CEPT licence or CEPT Novice licence need no separate licence to operate in Hungary. Those with a valid licence that is not a CEPT licence or a CEPT Novice licence, can apply for a temporary licence for a period of up to 3 months per calendar year. These amateurs are entitled to a licence with privileges of the "CEPT Novice" licence level (for licence instructions see below).

Prefix to be used is HA/home_call.

Privileges (bands/modes/power) of CEPT and CEPT Novice licence classes can be found on pages 42-54 in the following document:

Morse code is no longer a requirement for access to bands under 30 MHz, but CW can only be used if the licencee has passed a Morse proficiency exam.

Those holding a HAREC certificate (CEPT T/R 61-02) or a CEPT Novice exam certificate can apply for a permanent Hungarian licence with a Hungarian callsign.

Current licence fee is HUF 2200, which is payable in tax-stamps (illetekbelyeg) available at post offices in Hungary.

Nemzeti Hírközlési Hatóság
Frekvencia Engedélyezési Osztály
H-1133 Budapest
Visegradi u. 100.

Paperwork needed:
- Application form ( )
- Tax stamps (currently in the value of HUF 2200)
- Copy of HAREC of CEPT Novice exam certificate OR copy of home licence if it is NOT a CEPT Licence or a CEPT Novice licence

-- 73 & DX de HG5XA / HA5X

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