Licensing information for Wallis & Futuna FW

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & HB9HFN - Cedric
Status: March 1999

Intro: You can easily get a visitor's license with these intructions, see also URL
Monsieur le Chef du Service des Postes et TÚlÚcommunications
B.P 00
98600 Mata'Utu
Wallis and Futuna

Phone: +681 72 21 21
Fax:     +681 72 25 00
Telex:  5100
e-mail:    [email protected]
www: (in french!)

Paperwork needed:
•copy of your passport
•copy of your amateur radio license
•characteristics of the transceiver (manufactor, power, serial number, etc.)
•list of frequencies you want to use
•1 recent passport photo
The best way to get a license:
You can obtain a temporary amateur radio license if you send the necessary documents and the money (bank cheque) to the licensing authority. They prefer that you go to their main office in Mata'Utu and they will give you personaly the license. The license is valid up to 3 months. Normally they assign FW/<home callsign> callsigns. I was lucky to obtain FW5FN !!
2'000 F CFP (Pacific Francs) or 110 FF (French Francs) or 16.76 Euro => about 20 USD
Special calls:
Ask! They may assign callsigns with the prefix TW for special events.
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
1.8 - 25 MHz: 500 watts
28 MHz: 250 watts
>30 MHz: 120 watts
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:

HB9HFN < [email protected] >

DX Holiday FW - Wallis & Futuna

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