Licensing information for Kyrgystan - EX

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & EX0A - Yury & OH8OR - Markku & VE7OLF - Scott & EX2M - Georg
Status: February 1997, Sept 1998, July 2002

Intro: If you have a valid license from your home country you get a visitor's license in Kyrgystan

In Bishek in the Building of the Ministry of Agriculture there is a small office of Communication Department (one person) that can help you. The application should be given to "White House" where the Department is physically located.
Paperwork needed (see below):
The best way to get a license:
EX0A writes: "Now we haven't any special procedure for getting licence for foreign radio amateurs. Usually for obtaining licence foreign HAM contacted his radio friends in Kyrgyzstan or our Radio Amateur Union of Kyrgyz Republic. Callsign for foreign is: EX/homecall. Class of licence - same as in home country. My advice: if somebody need official licence please contact official person in our RadioAmateur Organisation: it is I - EX0A (my E-mail address is
EX0A at ), EX0M - Serge or EX2M George. Also we can help with documents which need any foreign person for getting VISA (invitation etc). Also we can help with accomodation and with shack."
about 10 USD
Special calls:
EX/your call
How long before you can operate?
It takes about three months if you can follow up
License restrictions:
Validity was only 1 month although applied for two months
Showing license no problems
Useful local contacts:
EX0A at 

Markku Teppo OH8OR < Markku.Teppo at >

Addition From: George Lazarev < ex2m at >
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002
Scott Anderson, VE7OLF

Subject: Re: temporary license in Kyrgyzstan

Hi, Scott.
We can help you to get license. Unfortunately there is very old information about it on QSL net site. We have new regulations now. It takes about 3 month to get license, but if you send us all documents we can try to agree local authorities do it faster.
We need following documents:
1. Copy of passport.
2. Copy of license.
3. Address in Kyrgyz Republic (where you are going to operate from)
4. 2 photos.
5. List of equipment which you going to import to Kyrgyz Republic.

You can send all this by e-mail to me, or Serge EX0M, his e-mail:
ex0m at or guzevsm at


Our telefone numbers in Bishkek: George Lazerev: +996-28-28-47 (home) and Serge +996-720-233 ??
(mobile phone, he is very good to speak English)

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