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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & K6FCC - Khalil & EP2FM - Abdollah
Status: August 1998, Dec 1998, Dec 99 links added

Intro: The Amateur Radio situation In Iran (EP)

Mr. Abdollah Sadjadian, EP2FM (Chairman, Amateur Radio Society of Iran) has informed me that at the present time 3 hams---EP2FM, EP2CM (Jamsheed Mansouri) and EP2KG (Vahic Gregurian)-- are the only ones authorized to operate from Iran. 15 applicants have passed the 3rd grade Written and Code exams so far and they are waiting for their Station Licenses ,which is separate from amateur radio exam certificates, before they can operate.

Mr M.Reza Bahmani, Deputy Director General of Radiocommunications hopes to be able to issue the coveted Station Licenses in near future.

Licensing authority:
Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA)
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
PO Box 15875-4415,
15598 Tehran,
Republic of Iran
Tel. +98 21 8840 3612 / +98 21 811 2995
Fax. +98 21 8846 8999 / +98 21 860 0070
Email: irnadm at

EP2FM is of the opinion that the fact that illegal stations, using EP calls seem to be openly accepted by most amateurs, just to log a new country, and some of the amateur oganizations, has had a lot of adverse effect on the efforts to revive the activity in recent years.

73 de Khalil Ladjevardi, K6FCC (ex-EP2KL)
member, QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Association)
e-mail: khalil at

Mr. Abdollah Sadjadian, EP2FM
(Chairman, Amateur Radio Society of Iran)
e-mail : AS at
web page:

PS Abdollah says also:

"In view of the shortage of EP calls I am ready to supply EP real QSO if the interested parties write me for a sked, propagation permitting."

Latest EP update
Sep. 19,1998

I met Mr M.Reza Bahmani, Deputy Director General of Radiocommunications this morning and here are the news:

Another radio amateur examination (the 4th since 1995) was held on Sep.11. More than 100 people sat the written part. The ones that pass this part will have to also pass a 5WPM code exam to get their 3rd class radio amateur certificates, and then apply for a Station License before they can operate. (A 3rd class operator is permitted CW only and 25 watts of power.)
Mr Bahmani, Deputy Director General of Radiocommunications, who has been the main backer of the program, is hopeful to be able to issue the much coveted Station Licenses in near future. I will of course report as soon as the first one is out.
Here is the list of the successful candidates who have passed both written and code part of the 3rd class exam since 1995 and are waiting for their Station Licenses.

1- Mehdi Ashrafnia                             9- Alireza Sohrabi Dabiri 
2- Reza Batebi                                10- Nezamedin Sahmss_e aalam 
3- Mohammad Hasan Bahrololoum   11- Homan Atifeh 
4- Kiomarss Hossaini                          12- Sadegh Farzadkhah 
5- Mahyar Hossaini                            13- Ali Ghanbari 
6- Hamidreza Rahimi                           14- Mohammad Mehdi Mahmoodi 
7- Mohammad Rezapour                          15- Shahram Mirzaii 
8- Reza Soleimaninia   

The tentative arrangement for the calls to be issued is as follows:
Prefixes EP3 through EP9 will be used for new amateurs located in the following 7 radiocommunications regions:

Region          Center  
North                  Tehran 
North East      Mashad 
South East     Bandar Abass 
South                  Shiraz 
South West      Ahwaz 
North West      Aliabad 
Central                Esfahan  

If anyone should like to contact administration here is the info.

Deputy Director General of Radiocommunications
Islamic Rep of Iran,
Tehran P.O.Box No. 15875-4415

Tel: +98 21 8112995
Fax: +98 21 8600070

I would also be glad to offer additional information if you write to me at :
EP2FM at 
AS at 

Abdollah Sadjadian

EP update

A special amateur radio station has been set up at the Radiocommunications directorate building with the call EP3PTT

The station is supervised by the oldtimers (ep2 call holders) AND applicants who have passed amateur radio exam (26 as of today) will use this station until such time as the private stations are approved for them. Mr. Jamshid Mansuri (EP2CM) and Mr Massod Adle (EP2ES) are putting in one or 2 afternoons per week.

I will gladly arrange for a sked for amateurs writing to me at:

EP2FM at or AS at

The station working hours is rather limited now but the station can usually be found in Lazynet on or around 14.182MHz at 1300 UTC on Sundays and skeds for 11:30 UTC on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays would be more convenient. Volunteers for EP2FM can write to me for a sked. My station working hours are more irregular but also more flexible as I have access to my station all the time. Also I have 100 watts output while EP3PTT uses rather less power, probably in line with the limitations of the novice users.

I will post the list of the operators (other than the oldtimers) as soon as I get the new names (up to 26 from 13 reported last)

Abdollah Sadjadian, EP2FM

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