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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & JM1LJS/T88LJ - Hide
Status: Feb 2001

Intro: This explains how to acquire the Radio License in Palestine - E4. The Radio License of Palestine is not very difficult to receive. You will be able to get the Radio License if you satisfy the following two conditions:

1. You have a valid Radio License by your own national authority
2. You and your country are thinking about Palestine with friendly feelings.

The address where to send the application. Handling of an application is possible even in Gaza and Rammala.
Deputy Minister / Mr. Zuhair Allaham
Palestinian National Authority
Ministry of Post & Telecommunications
Gaza, Palestine
Adviser / Mr. Ahmad Qarout
Ministry of Post & Telecommunications
Government Building
Al-Ersal St,
Rammala, Palestine
It is the Deputy Minister / Mr. Zuhair in Gaza who issues the Radio License. His autograph is on the Radio License of Palestine. The E-mail address of Mr. Zuhair is
Zlaham at  I am sending an E-mail to him many times, and reply from him surely passes through Mr. Ahmad. Mr. Zuhair makes the answer sentence typed as a formal answer from MOPT in the paper only. Mr. Ahmad reads it with the scanner, and it is made a Jpeg file or WORD graphic file and sent. Therefore your computer should be able to handle Jpeg and WORD in the exchange of the E-mail with MOPT. Mr. Ahmad is assisting Mr. Zuhair, and all correspondence always comes and goes busily through Gaza and Rammala. You will be allowed to consult him about receiving the Radio License. The E-mail address of Mr. Ahmad is qarout at   Though there is a time difference in his business, he always gives me a reply directly in the E-mail. Your application form is surely delivered to the cause of Mr. Zuhair once. Whichever of Gaza and Rammala it applies for the application form to, Mr. Zuhair in Gaza surely issues Radio License.

Paperwork needed:
As for an application for the Radio License of Palestine, both mailing and bringing personally are possible. But, there are only the following two methods to receive the Radio License.
1. You go to MOPT Office (Ministry of Post & Telecommunications) of Gaza or Rammala for receiving the license directly.
2. You know the mailing address of MOPT in Palestine or Israel and you know in person the MOPT officers.
You can have the license to be mailed only exceptionally. But this is difficult without a preliminary mission to Palestine before and getting acquaintance with the person in charge of MOPT. You can download the
application form from here (Adobe Acrobat file).
The best way to get a license:
It seems that output power was restricted to 100W from about July, 2000 for the license of Palestine. It will be the condition that it will be obeyed also.
As for the license cost, effective for 3 months Radio License it is 30 dollars, and effective 1 year Radio License 60 dollars. You have payment asked with the Jordanian dinars though it isn't understood why it is especially in the case of  Rammala. At the moment, effective 3 months Radio License is 20 Jordanian dinars, and effective 1 year Radio License is 40 Jordan dinars.
Special calls:
Foreigner's Callsign will be the temporary license like a E4/JM1LJS. The only exception is Sami (JY9NE) aka E44A. He is a Palestine refugee and because in fact he is a Palestine person, the Callsign of Palestine person can be given. After I operated from Palestine for the first time in July 1999, all the Callsigns for the foreigners are temporary licenses like E4/JM1LJS. JA1UT/E4, E44/JA8RUZ and E41/OK1DTP were permitted at that time, but today the Radio License will become as E4/******. It is not possible to have a license like E4/W1** permitted even if you had the Short Callsign like a W1** belonging to a non-American. The Radio License of Palestine is based on the nationality of your original Radio License.
How long before you can operate?
Visiting the office in person very quickly.
License restrictions:
The effective time limit of the Radio License is 3 months or 1 year. Frequency is only HF Bands. 6m and 2m have never been permitted by now (Feb, 2001). (6m: See notes) There is no limitation in the mode on HF. Both licenses lose the effect at the end of the year (Dec 31). When you are operating from the end of year to New Year's Day, you should renew your Radio License. The name of transceiver and the form of antenna are specified in the Radio License, too. Of course the Radio License can be applied for continuation.
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:
The hotels of Gaza
Beach Hotel
Gaza - Palestine - Ahmad Orabi St, P.O.Box 393, Gaza
Tel: (972-7) 2828800, 2825492, 2848333,
2848433, 2834666, 2828007
Fax: (972-7) 2828604
This hotel is where I stayed. But it isn't really very suitable for the radio. Only R-7000 and a Dipole for 20m can be built at most. Hotel is rather hopeless for DX peditions.
Palestine Hotel
Gaza - Beach - Ahmed O'rabi St, P.O.Box 393, Gaza
Telefax: (972-7) 2823355, 282356, 2860056, 2827084
This is the Hotel where E44DX was operated by the OH2BH group. The hotel staff is favorable to the amateur. When I stayed at Gaza, all the rooms of the hotel were occupied and I couldn't stay. Telephone interference has happened with high power in the hotel. Hence the permission in Palestine is only 100W at present. The person who obeys the law won't have a problem. The 40m Dipole seems to be built in this hotel. A similar technique is necessary for the construction of antenna for 80m and 160m.
The hotel of Jericho
Jericho Resort Village
Near Hisam Place, Jericho, P.O.Box 162,
Tel: (972-2) 2321255
Fax: (972-2) 2322189
reservation at
It is a high-class resort hotel which is close to the Death Sea and - 300 m below Sea level. It is not a good location for DXing. Perhaps, the DX pedition won't occur any more from this hotel though it was liked and JM1LJS stayed there some two years. When I stayed there in August, 2001, I was asked to remove all the antennas. I left the hotel after this.
You may know that E4/JM1LJS operated on 6m and that an exception was done because the written license said "HF / 6m". These contacts on 6 m are also valid for DXCC. In the license renewal process the "accidental" permission for 6 m was no more granted and it seems very unlikely that it would be given to anyone else.

It is my honor if this becomes of help to acquire the Radio License in Palestine though my explanation may not be sufficient.

73, Thank you

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