Licensing information for Eritrea - E3

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & OH1JD - Ville & IK5ZVE - Denis
Status: Dec 1999, June '01

Intro: I visited Eritrea some months ago to find following information to anyone interested in visiting the country with radios...

Eritrean Communications Regulatory Authority - ECRA
P.O. Box 4918, Sematat Street, No. 11
ASMARA, Eritrea
Telephone +291 1 115847
Fax +291 1 126966
Frequency Management Unit: Tf: +291 1 126965

Paperwork needed:
See appl form: Application for Radio Transmitter Permit
Paperwork needed:
Attached is a scanned image of the document that anyone
willing to operate should fill
-Application for Radio Transmitter Permit
(See attached file:
Conditions of Licensing: (As given by the Ministrys Communication Department)
* Respect the rules and regulations laid down in the Communications Proclamation no. 102/98
* Respect all conventions and provisions adopted in WRC-95/97 in relation to amateur radio operations
* Bring written applications of his/her intention to operate and subsequently fill the approppriate forms of permit (after arrival of operator in Eritrea)
* Bring with her/him all necessary technical documents of the communications facilities she/he will use during amateur operation (the language of the
document should be in English)
* Before initiation of any amateur operation, inform the Standards & Regulation Division of the Communication Departmern immediately after arrival in the
capital to get the proper License document
Note: Please, be informed that any radio channel, except equipment operating on the ISM bands and other low power emission devices is chargeable depending on amount of frequencies one will use. The amount of fees for spectrum use and other relevant information will be invoiced after arrival (appr. USD 500) a permit is valid for a duration of one year operation.
Customs duties and regulations will be handled by the individual amateur operator at the point of embarkation.
The best way to get a license:
Mr. Zerai of Communications Department says. Get your butt in his office Sematat at Street, No. 11, second floor, hand out the license fee (USD 500) and you're done.
You can also phone/fax to his office to request further details
Tel. +291-1-115847
Fax. +291-1-126966
License valid for 1 yr counts for 500 USD/operator
Special calls:
They issue the callsign upon your arrival. No exceptions says Zerai
How long before you can operate?
You are issued a license allowing you to operate once they've stamped it
License restrictions:
Not known
I carried quite a bit of measurement equipment as well as labtop etc. and didn't have any problems. I would imagine that radios would be treated the same way. No customs fees if you're leaving the country with the same equipment.
Useful local contacts:
I've got some names and e-mail addresses for guys interested in helping with local arrangements. Also some that have direct connections to the Ministry.
Places to operate from:
Mr. Negash Moyabe, Ambassador Hotel (right in the city center)
Privately owned, US funded hotel, (the only place to swing credit cards in the country, as of 7/98)
tel: +291-1-126544
fax: +291-1-126365
Is willing to help in arrangements, provides convenient QTH at the 6th floor. Four high flagpoles to accommodate wires. Flat top and lots of places to
place towers and guy them.
Nyala Hotel may also be willing to accommodate hams on their roof !
Best regards
Ville OH1JD

Anyone who wants to ask more here's the contact information:

+358 400 924 885 (cell)
ville.lintervo at

Almost daily on 20/15/10 at around 19z -->

Addition From: INOX <innox at>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 15:44:46 -0700

Subject: E3 report...

I would like to inform everybody who's whishing to take a trip to E3 land, Eritrea...
Mr. Zegai, on behalf of Mr Afwerky, the Telecommunication and Trasportation Ministry of Eritrea, is NOT releasing any kind of licence to ham radio involved in UNMEE i was during Oct 2000 - March 2001...
So, if anyone is heading south to Eastern Africa to work with UN or other military contingent for peace-keeping, be advised: NO LICENCE as militaries are NOT ALLOWED to have an HF radio...maybe they're afraid of spies...Even the 500 US$ fee was unuseful...and the Italian embassy themself, were unable to remove this funny idea...what a pity! (They told me, after three morning spent in theyr office in order to get the licence: "If you want to speak with your family, you can use the telephone, u don't need a radio...we are in year 2000!"...many thanks, old wise man...)

Regards, Denis - IK5ZVE

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