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Intro: About a year and a half ago I was looking for information on the Philippines and I have since gotten my license and am on the air here so I will pass along what I know of the processes.

PTT (from ITU database): 
There are many NTC offices around the Philippines, they are on the Internet at 
National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)
Agham Road, East Triangle - Diliman

Tf +63 2 924 4042 /
3787 / 4024 / 4072 / 7128
Fax +63 2 924 4048 /
Email ntc at 

Philippine Amateur Radio Association [PARA]
Address: P.O. Box 4083, Manila Central
Location: Semicon Centre Bldg.
Marcos Highway, Santolan, Pasig City

Tel: +63 (2) 681-4965 to 70 <HQ>
+63 (33) 3210151 <DU6BG>, +63 (2) 932-4734 <DU1ERV>
Fax: +63 (2) 681-6229 <HQ>
para at  <HQ>

Paperwork needed:
- You need the 3 forms I have enclosed filled out (appl forms). You also need 4 copies each of:
- Original Amateur Radio license
- Passport
- Visa
- ID pictures; 2 each 1X1, 2 each 2X2
- Model and S/N (serial number) of transceiver. (They may want to see the radio)
- Original sales receipt for the radio. If you do not have one, get a receipt that looks official. NTC wants to make sure you are not operating an illegally smuggled radio. Your operating permit will list the S/N of the radio you are allowed to operate and the emission you are allowed to use.
- A certificate of good moral character. You can get this ONLY from the U.S. Embassy in Manila in the American Services Section. The document I got said a search had been made of all the computer data at the Embassy and no negative reports could be found. I think I paid $25.00 for this. No other document will be accepted.
The best way to get a license:
First of all you will need to apply in person at the regional office in the region you intend to operate from. It may be possible to get one otherwise but I was told no by the Batangas Regional Director. I do not have a list of addresses but the Philippine Amateur Radio Association in Manila whose address is the same at the DU QSL bureau and whose # is 681-4965 to 70 Ex 516 or 518 and FAX # is 681-6229 could help you out with that. If you write them they will need money for return postage.
Reciprocal applies at least to K, VE, JA, DL (more details will be added when available)
The fee for the license is under $10.00 depending on the exchange rate. It is good for a year and is renewable.
Special calls:
How long before you can operate?
It took 2 weeks to get my license.
License restrictions:
You need license to import your rigs into the country
Useful local contacts:
Local tips: N6WXM, KE6PU, MANNY LAO / DU3LIM <siubon at>
Places to operate from:

73's de K7DTS/DU1 - John

Addition from AI4QJ dfinn1 at
October 17, 2012

The information given is WAY out of date. PARA is now the only active representative in getting the DU reciprocal, they are very good at what they do and they are very fast. Some of the information, for example from 2005, says PARA never responded. Well, they respond now, very reliably. You should just refer people to the reciprocal licensing section of the PARA currently at I think the information you have for the Philippines is inaccurate in some cases and might even discourage the application in some cases (too confusing) when this is actually a very simple process.

Dan Finn AI4QJ


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