Licensing information for Cape Verde - D44

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & Geoff - GJ4ICD & Gerhard - OE3GEA/D44TA & 9M6DXX - Steve
Status: March 1996, June 2002, 08

Intro: A few 6 months licenses have been issued by ANAC

Earlier Julio D44BC confirms that unless you are a Cape Verde resident it is impossible to get a licence for operation in D44. This is very true as I went there last year (1995) and had to operate as D44BC from Julio's house!

Report about 50 MHz DX-pedition may be found at Equinox.

Geoff Brown < equinox at >

Agencia Nacional das Communicacoes (ANAC)
Edificio MIT
Ponta Belem
PO Box 892
Republic of Cap Verde
tel. +238 260 4400 / 01
fax. +238 261 3069
Email: info at

Addition From: "Gerhard Elsigan" < gerhard.elsigan at >

Regarding D44, we (club station oe5xvl crew) recently got a temporary (6 month) license to run a club effort out of d44 using d44ta. Licensing became
possible through that fact that the station was to commemorate an official Austrian - Cape Verdean event, namely 20 years of cooperation between the two
governments. Further info including details of the license, see .

Maybe that approach would also make other efforts possible.


gerhard oe3gea / member of oe5xvl

DX Holiday D4 Cape Verde

Travel info: DESTINATION CAPE VERDE and subWWWay to Cape Verde

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