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Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you will / may get a license in Morocco

Agence Nationale de Reglementation des Telecommunications (ANRT),
Centre d’Affairs,
Boulevard Ar-Ryad,
Hay Ryad,
BP 2939,
Rabat 10100,
Telephone +212 37 718 400
Fax +212 37 203 862

ARRAM can probably help you.
tel. +212 37 673 703
fax. 212 37 674 757

Paperwork needed:
- Copy of your license
- Copy of your passport
- Some extra passport photographs
- a letter (preferably in French) in which you request a license, the place where and when you will operate from, your TRX + serial number, and listing all the frequencies and modes you wish to operate.
The best way to get a license:
It is important to have documents about your rigs and extra copies of your original license.
About 12 USD, 93 dirhams paid there into the local post office
Special calls:
Ask for it otherwise they give you your initials, license is of the form CN***
License restrictions:
- Not known
Good documents about your rigs and some kind of assurance that you take them back with you. This is important in the customs both ways. Customs may be the tough place to pass through.
The local policemen may come to inspect your station

OH1KIT Pekka


Addition From: Don Youngquist [don.youngquist at]

Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 10:48 AM


Subject: FW: license in morocco


Hi Chuck,

I got a reply from CN8NK, he does not live in Rabat though, and gave me the name of the club "chief".  However yesterday I went to the ARRAM building here in Rabat.  They have a station there and someone there during the day. You can see pictures of the club headquarters and station on their web page.  Not many people here speak english.  I was able to communicate a little with him and a visiting ham from Switzerland was there and had a little more english.  We were able to understand some and had a good time trying over cups of arabic coffee.  The club member then made a phone call to another member that could speak english very good and he came over and we sorted out what I will need to operate here.  ARRAM takes care of getting the licenses for visiting hams.  I can only get it for 3 months at a time, but they will keep submitting it each 3 months so they overlap.  All I needed was a copy of my ham licence, my passport, and a letter explaining how long I would be here and why.  Oh and 120 durham each time, about $12 US.


The Club members were very helpful and friendly, (as are most Arabs I have met), and I can even use there club station.  However the rotator on the antenna is stuck at the moment. 


Just thought I would let you know how things here in Morocco are.

Thanks for your help,




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