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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & IZ6BRN /VU3CUR /AP2WAP /9N7RN - Sergio & LA4BKA - Per & DJ5WU - Bernd & N1DL - Karl &  DF3GL - Klaus
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Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you will get a license in Chile

PTT (from ITU database):
Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones
Ministerio de Transportes y Telecomunicaciones
Amunátegui 139
Clasificador 120, Correo 21

Radio Club of Chile is: 
Email address of the Radio Club of Chile
bzltd at

Telephone +56 2 421 3502 or +56 2 672 5210
Telegram Subsectel SantiagodeChile
Telex 034 341156 subtel ck
Fax +56 2 421 3553 or +56 2 697 3913
Email Internet
subtel at cl  lpineiro at

Name of the Telecommunications Ministry clerk in charge of hams is Osvaldo Acuña.

Paperwork needed:
- Passport
- CEPT license
- Two passport photographs (no more needed)
The best way to get a license:
You can handle your business through
Radio Club de Chile, Nataniel Cox 1054, Santiago, Chile (Email bzltd at ) or you can go directly to the above PTT office. It takes about 1 - 3 weeks to get the license from the PTT.
No fee (probably when you have a CEPT license)

Oh2mcn at

PS Remember that in Chile incl Islands for 10 MHz you need a special permission to operate on.

Tourist information: Finding Easter Islands

Addition From: Klaus Schlich <klaus at>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004

We at the Radio Club de Chile are very happy to receive OMs from the world. We usually help friends to get a reciprocal license. There is not a fee for the process but we will greatly appreciate if you decide to join temporarily Radio Club de Chile as a foreign member.
Please find attached the application for the reciprocal license. Fill in and send it back to me. You must also send me the photocopy of your ham license and the photocopy of the page of your passport where your picture is. We will send it to the government office in charge of hams.
If you decide to join Radio Club de Chile as a foreign member for six months (US$40.-) we will take care of the cost of sending you the license to Germany. If you decide not to join, you will have to pay for the mailing costs.
73s & Dx de
Dino Besomi, CE3PG, <
ce3pg at mi.ce >
President, Radio Club de Chile

+562 3921641 of
+5609 8797514 cellular

Addition From: "Bernd Jacobi" <bernd.jacobi at>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003
Concerning CE, I sent the papers to RCCH also already in May by surface mail because their E-mail adress was not working (CE3AA at  No response until today. I tried to send them a fax, but also no reply of the machine using the published fax-number 00562-672 2623. So, I think I also have to visit the PTT in Santiago. These are my "little problems" for now.
Best 73 from Germany and thanks again, DJ5WU

Sun, 24 Aug 2003
concerning CE, the situation is still as described in my mail but their fax is working in the meantime.

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003
Hi Veke,good news: Got the CE-License today via surface mail sent by Radio Club of Chile. They remarked on the envelop that they sent it already before, mail got lost perhaps. Please insert this news instead of the old one, which tells that there was no answer...
Thank you and 73's
Bernd, DJ5WU

Addition From: "sergio curina" scurina at
Oh2mcn at
Subject: CE license
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 

Ciao Veke, here is Sergio IZ6BRN ex VU3CUR ex AP2WAP ex 9N7RN I would like to give you some correction to be made in your Licensing Information for Chile The address is ok The telephon nr. is +56 2 4213000 or 4213634 The fax nr. is +56 2 4213660 The Excmo. Ing. Claudio Hohmann Barrientos, has to be change with Carlos Crus Sra. Juanita Gana Quiroz has to be change with Cristian Nicolai The telephon 6959939 has to be change with 4213000 The fax 6958231 has to be change with 4313660 Sra Alejandra Moya Bruzzone has to be change with Andres Vulacosky
paperworks needed:
Boarding card (no needed)
Passport ok
CEPT license ok
Two photo (no needed)
I got the same day the call sign CE3 / IZ6BRN and in one week I will receive the license For the fee I will let you know if any
Greetings from Santiago Sergio CE3/IZ6BRN

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 

Ciao Veke, here we are again. Just a few lines to inform you that I got the license. I confirm the call is CE3/IZ6BRN. So you can have the license in max. 10 days, no fees to be paid, no photo. The licence is for one year and could be renew for an other year. The call is always CEx/homecall, the power permitted is 1200 Watts. The frequencies allowed are TODAS (all), the mobile trasmission are permitted.
That is all my dear.
Hope to catch you in soon frequency I wish you all the best
Ciao de Sergio

Addition From: "Per Saetren" < per_saetren at >
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 22:45:15 +0200

Dear Veikko, I have just arrived from Chile and got my lisence "SUPIRIOR CLASS just as told above. My call sign is CE3/LA4BKA. I got my lisence for 2 years and a possibility later to renew it. Thank you very much for your help.

73 LA4BKA - Per

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