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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & C31LJ - Peter & C31US - Saura
Status: January 1997, links Dec '99, Apr '03, ITU info Jan ‘11

Intro: At this time, the Andorra Government is only issuing amateur radio licences to residents of Andorra. See addition below.

PTT (ITU info):
Servei de Telecomunicacions d'Andorra (STA)
Carrer Mossčn Lluís Pujol, 8-14
Santa Coloma
Tf  +376 875105
Fax  +376 725003

URA's E-mail: ura at  <HQ>, jmsauri at  <C31US>

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Qualifying conditions of amateur radio licences to non-residents in the Principality of Andorra.

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Addition From: U.R.A [mailto:ura at]
Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Subject: C3 Specials Calls

Dear OM,

Thank you very much for your enquiry regarding amateur radio operations in Andorra.

At this time, the Andorra Government is only issuing amateur radio licences to residents of Andorra.

Under Article 7 of the Regulations Governing the use of Amateur Radio in Andorra, a special exception allows the issuing of a short-term licence for special projects involving the activation of bands and modes not normally activated by resident amateurs. Such projects are carried out in cooperation with the Unió de Radioaficionats Andorrans (URA) with the involvement of local amateurs in order to expand the knowledge and skills of the local participants. The EME expedition for moonbounce activity and MS ( Meteoscater) is an example of this kind of project which was approved.

The regulations do not permit the issuance of licences to visitors for HF and VHF expeditions, mobile operations, contest operations or other temporary activities.

At this time, Andorra is not a member of CEPT. The use of your home callsign with the C3 prefix (C3/xxxxx) is not permitted.

For more information, and the complete text of the regulations, consult our web page:

We appreciate your interest in operating from Andorra and are sorry if this answer is disappointing to you.

Kind regards, 73

Joan Sauri C31US
President URA

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