Licensing information for Nauru - C2

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke, C21TA – Peter
Status: February 1997, July '99 links, Updated July '01, Mar ‘09

Intro: If you have a valid licence from just about anywhere but it must be evidenced by holder’s certificate. Normal licence requirements similar to that in VK/ZL
as far as standards go.

(Mr Criden Appi)
Director of Telecommunications

Telephone +674 444 3133
Fax +674 444 3881

Paperwork needed:
The best way to get a license:
Best way to get licence is either by fax / Email <
cappi at > for initial request. Issue will be in person after current licence documents sighted. Fee AUD $2.00 per annum. Operation immediately after callsign allocation etc. Generally they are quite helpful. A little update is required on the Nauru information. My contact email address was rainsford at has now been deleted and should be sheldad at
Special calls:
Callsign usually allocated by ones initials but user can usually ask for specific C21 call if not already or previously allocated.
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
Useful local contacts:
Local contacts, any of the resident C21 calls will help.
Places to operate from:
Operating locations. Both hotels quite happy with antennas etc. The Od-n-Aiwo staff will even help if necessary!

It would also be worthwhile to add that travel there requires a visa and that costs $AUD50  They can take quite a while to get them organised.

Peter C21TA / VK3TAF ex ZL3TAF
"Peter J. Ford" <sheldad at>

DX Holiday C2 - Nauru

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