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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & AP2AUM - Asad & AP2TJ - Tariq & S53R Robert, AP2MKS - Khalid
Status: April 1997 & October 1997, July '99, Dec '99 [del a few lines], Jan '01, Apr 10

Intro After having a breakthrough in changing the regulations, HAM activity had a boost since 2004. Licencing procedure is easier and swift which was not the case in the past. Foreigners are NOT given reciprocal licenses but they can apply for a new license. PARS membership is a prerequisite for obtaining a license. Application form & procedures are available at download section. Rules and regulation for Amateurs operating in Pakistan are also available at .

License issuing authority is
Director (RBS)
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)
PTA Headquarters,
Sector G-5

Contacts of Pakistan Amateur Radio Society
Pakistan Amateur Radio Society [PARS]
Address: P.O Box 1450, Islamabad 44000
website :

Nasir Khan AP2NK
H# 30 , Street 28 , Shalimar F-6/1 Islamabad
Phone:+92 (0)300 5230052 or +92 (0)51 2273755
Email: ap2nk.nasir at

Vice President
Dr. Khalid Hussain AP2DKH
Hajiwala House St. No. 3
, Gulshan colony, Gujrat
Phone : +92 (0)300 6255717 or +92 (0)533 602221
Email : ap2dkh at

Muhammad Khalid Shoaib AP2MKS
69 , Dar -ul-Islam Colony Attock City, Pakistan
Phone:+92 (0)333 5106595
Email: khalid.shoaib at

Asstt. Secretary
Muhammad Ahmed Tariq AP2MAT
House No. 598, Street No. 4, Sector I-9/1, Islamabad
Phone : +92 (0)333 5572143 or +92 (0)51 4434678
Email : tariq_fani at

Liaison Officer
Hasnat Ahmed Bagvi AP2HA
H. NO 358, ST NO. 5, G-10/1, ISLAMABAD
Phone : +92 (0)344 5247871
Email : ap2ha at

During the recent operation of AP2AP by JA1EZM the following information has been published by PARS :

Date: Wed, 20 Aug 97 18:13:58 -0500
From: AP2TJ - Tariq <ap2tj at>

PARS has the following to state with regard to this message:

The only competent authority to issue licenses and callsigns temporary or otherwise is the Frequency Allocation Board of the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA), Government of Pakistan. PTT was converted into a commercial corporation (PTCL) in 1994 and therefore cannot legally allow anyone the use of amateur radio frequencies for testing of commercial radio stations, neither can it allow the use of a ham callsign by someone other than the owner of the same, which is strictly prohibited under the terms of the license.

PARS therefore reiterates that AP2AP by JA1EZM is not a valid/legal amateur radio operation as defined by the local rules & regulations.

Sent on behalf of PARS by Tariq/AP2TJ.

FROM: AP2TJ - Tariq <ap2tj at>
Time: 1997-10-19 10:21:00

Comments: Hi Veikko, Foreigners are NOT given reciprocal licenses, even though we (PARS) have been fighting for it since long. Even locals have to wait sometimes more than a year to get a license, mostly the answer is "NO". Foreigners can however work as guests from licensed club stations like AP2ARS, AP2WAP etc. etc. New contact addresses:

President: AP2NK <nasir at>

Secretary: AP2MY <AP2MY at>

Me (Liaison): AP2TJ <ap2tj at>

Vy 73 de tariq/AP2TJ

asad ullah AP2AUM <asadul at>

Tariq - AP2TJ <ap2tj at>

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999
Addition From: Sergio Curina <gbc at>

Ciao Veikko, first of all I would congratulate with you for your fantastic page with the neaded information to get a license in the various countries.
I would also confirm what has been written by AP2TJ about the Pakistan License. Foreigners can only work as guests from licensed club station.

Vy 73 de Sergio / IZ6BRN - VU3CUR - AP2WAP - 9N7RN

Addition From: "Robert Kasca" <s53r at>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 08:23:57

Hello Veke,

All my docs (reg E4) were set up by Peter, G3WQU and he would know everything from tel numbers to procedures....
I'm in pakistan right now operating as AP2ARS as per your instructions have contacted AP2TJ and got permission.

73 Robert S53R

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