Licensing information for United Arab Emirates - A6

Prepared by: OH2MCN – Veke, VE6LB - Gerry
Status: Mar ‘10
Intro: Only a national of the United Arab Emirates is eligible for a license.

I get to operate as a "guest" of A61AD, the resident national and licensee. No foreign ham has ever been issued an A6 call or been given permission to operate in over 20 years.

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Addition from VE6LB
Date 8.3.2010

The UAE now grants resident expats and visitor’s licences. Resident expats get A65xx calls and visitors get A6/homecall licenses. I operated as A6/VE6LB in Jan/Feb of this year (2010) from my daughter’s villa in Dubai.

 Licences can be applied for electronically. Contact: [email protected]  

 Gerry VE6LB

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