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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & IZ6BRN / VU3CUR / AP2WAP / 9N7RN - Sergio, K4VUD - Charly
Status: July 1999, Dec '99 links added, Jun 10

Intro: You can get license on spot for Nepal from the Ministry of Information and Communication.

PTT (from ITU database):
Ministry of Information and Communications
Singha Durbar
Tf +977 1 422 1647 / 5556 / 7515 / 7728
Fax +977 1 422 1729 / 7310 / +977 1 426 1979
Fax +977 1 266400
Mr. Shree Ram Paudel, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications

Paperwork needed:
Send an application at to the Ministry with the following information:
* copy of original license (also the original needs to be with you)
* Radio Make Company name
* Radio Model Number/Name
* RF power of Radio
* Number of equipment to be use
The best way to get a license:
I would like to send you also some info about the Nepal License. I got my 9N7RN call in a day.
The License will be valid for the period of Visa and a fee has to be paid for every pair of frequency (two bands) you want to use.
The fee is 8400 NRS for 1 pair in case of 100 Watt equipment or 6400 NRS up to 50 Watts. (actually 1 US$ = about 68 NRS)
NOTE: 10-80 m fee will be 33,600 NRS, i.e. very expensive.
Special calls:
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:

Vy 73 de Sergio / IZ6BRN - VU3CUR - AP2WAP - 9N7RN

Sergio Curina < gbc at >

Assistance may be obtained from the following resident amateur:
Krishna B. Khatry
Chief Engineer
Ministry of Communications
Panchayat Plaza
Prithvi Path
Tel: 215430 (w), 521439 (h)
Mr. Khatry is an operator at the following club station:
Ministry of Communications, 9N1MC
Panchayat Plaza
Prithvi Path

In Nepal: Contact 9N1AA, Satish. License usually only good for term of one's Nepal visa and cost is on a sliding scale of about $100 USD for two bands and about $50USD for two more bands, etc. Process can only be done in-country and takes 3 to 5 days. See long articles by K4VUD in DX Magazine issues Jan./Feb. 1999 and Nov./Dec. 1999.

Nepal, needs to emphasis that license application needs to be in person. It may take as much as three weeks or as little as 4 days. I have done it (9N7UD) in 4 to 6 days for each of my 5 visits.

73 de 9N7UD and K4VUD

73, Charly K4VUD k4vud at

DX Holiday 9N - Nepal

For travel info see: DESTINATION NEPAL and SubWWWay to the Indian Subcontinent

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