Licensing information for Malta - 9H

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & Henry - 9H1CD & G4EAN/9H3YI - Ian & G3PJT - Bob
Status: April 1997, May 2001, Feb 2006, May 2006

Intro: You can easily get a visitor's license in Malta in 24 hours. Malta does not implement yet CEPT Recommendation TR 61-01 and a separate license is needed. See Email below and
ERO implementation list.

Director of Wireless Telegraphy
Wireless Telegraphy Office (WTO)
fao. Mr. David Jones.
Office of the Prime Minister
Evans Building

Merchants Street

tel. +356-247 224/5/6/7/8, 234 404, 2599 3614
fax. +356-247 229
Email: info at

Paperwork needed:
1) a photocopy of his current ham license
2) indicate the dates of arrival and departure
3) passport number
The best way to get a license:
The prospective visiting radio ham should apply in writing to WTO and include the above papers. Alternatively, if the visiting ham knows any local ham, the latter has so far been more than pleased to help along. Normally the Wireless Telegraphy Office is very efficient in the issue of such licenses - I have helped many friends coming over - and never did it take me more than 24 hours to obtain the license.
The license costs Lm5 and is valid for three months. (In MALTA 1 USD = .3840 LIRI: Apr 1, 1997)
currency conversion for any changes.
Special calls:
9H3* or 9H3**
How long before you can operate?
Immediate (once formalities are finalized)
License restrictions:
same as for locals
If the proper application is made to WTO via mail/fax in advance, this will allow reasonable time for WTO to inform the Customs Authorities of applicant's arrival and equipment being brought along. On arrival, once applicant's name and other detail are already known and approved, Custom's final clearance will be greatly facilitated thereby saving precious time!
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:
(a) If staying in a Hotel, it is advisable to check whether management will have any objections to such operation and erection of antennas.
(b) If staying in a furnished flat/self catering apartment, it is unusual to meet any difficulties in connection with operation.

"Henry G. Souchet" <henrygs at>

Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2006
Addition From: Bob Whelan <
rcwhelan at

Hi Veikko

I was just reading the website entry for Malta. At the present time Malta is NOT implementing T/R 61-01. You still have to apply for a licence. We hope this will be sorted out this year. But you have to get a callsign and these calls 9H/ xxyy are not authorised.

73 Bob G3PJT

Date 22.5.2008 
Addition from G4EAN/9H3YI Ian Brothwell
[ian at

Hello OM.

I have a couple of items for the information about 9H (Malta) reciprocal licensing.

(1) When I visited in January 2008 I still had a reciprocal licence. T/R 61-01 was not available.

(2) Malta now uses the Euro (?). A reciprocal licence cost 11.63 which is the equivalent of the old Lm 5.00 charge.

I hope to be back on Malta next January.

73, Ian. Ian Brothwell G4EAN/9H3YI Secretary & Publicity Officer, British Amateur Radio Teledata Group Secretary & Publicity Officer, Radio Amateur Old Timers' Association 

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