Licensing information for Maldives - 8Q7

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & EA3AOK , EA3BT - Nuria , Josep, IZ1DLV - Gil, and Gil again, DL5SBA - Hardy

Status: September 1996, July '99 links added, Jan '01, Jul '02, Jan '04

Intro: If you have license in your home country you can easily obtain a license in Maldives

Telecommunications Authority of Maldives (TMA)
Telecom Building

Husnuheena Magu
MALE 20-04

Tf +960 332 3344
Fax +960 320 000 
Email secretariat at 

Email: arasheed at
Assistant to Mr. Abdulla Rasheed:
Mr Mohamed Thaufeeq,
thaufeeq at (not confirmed)

Dr. Hassan Hameed, Chairman (Email
chairman at
Mr Mohamed Amir, Chief Executive (Email
ce at
Mr Abdulla Rasheed, Management and Public Services (Email
arasheed at
Mr Ilyas Ahmed, Regulatory Services (Email
ilyas at  

Paperwork needed:
Application form
Copy of current license
The best way to get a license:
Contact their Director Engineering and arrange the license fee and stamp duty through your travel agency. The office works efficiently and replies quickly to your telefaxes. Mr. Abdullah Rasheed is very kind and helpful person.
125 or 200 MRF (see appl form)
Special calls:
Ask for it
How long before you can operate?
PTT will give your license to your travel agency a month before your arrival.
License restrictions:
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:

"Josep Gibert EA3BT" < ea3bt at > and

"Gil, IZ1DLV" < iz1dlv at >

Addition July 2002: New Application Form added (Thanks Gil, IZ1DLV, once again)

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