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Intro: Kenya issuea short term visitors licenses again. For further info see
ARSK web site and CCK's web site

The General Manager
Frequency Spectrum Management, CCK
P.O. Box 14448
+254 20 434 9111 / 424 2000 - and ask for Mr Henry Kimani
Fax: +254 20 445 1866 / 434 8204
Email: info at

Paperwork needed:
Visiting Amateurs seeking Kenya licenses will now require only:-

1. That their countries have diplomatic relations with Kenya (this may be reconsidered in certain cases, and USA is represented by an Embassy.)
2. Photocopies of their licenses and passports certified by a Commissioner for Oaths (Notary)
3. Payment of the application fee of K.Shs.1,000 and the issue fee of Shs.2,000, total K.Shs.3,000 which is probably best paid in one, around US$40. As at 21st April the exchange stood at US$1 : K.Shs.75.50, which can vary either way. See the CCK website for direct payment information. 
4. Submission of the completed application form which can be downloaded from the CCK website ( ). Until the new form is available the old version may be used, but there is no need for locally resident references or a Police Certificate of Good Conduct. 
CCK will verify the validity of the applicant's license by e-mail to the originating office, after which it is expected to be able to issue the Kenya license immediately, without delay. 
Kenya citizens will still be required to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct from the Kenya Police/CID, but there is no security vetting, as well as an acceptable foreign license or RAE pass. 
All copies or photocopies of documents MUST be certified by a Commissioner for Oaths, who is the only accepted authority to do so. Uncertified documents will not be accepted and presentation of originals is no substitute as certified copies are required to be kept on file. 
Proficiency in Morse code is no longer required for any Kenya license.
Up to date information may be found at the ARSK website at  and the CCK website at .

We look forward to seeing and hearing foreign Amateurs here in greater numbers. 
ARSK will be glad to offer whatever help we can to prospective visitors. 
E.H.M. Alleyne, 5Z4NU <
alleyne at >

Dear OM,


I thought you would like an update on the present Kenya Licensing situation as at 15th August, 2001. There has as yet been no change and lengthy delays are commonplace - five and a half years is the record, with some not having been issued at all.

The name of the RSK has been changed to the Amateur Radio Society of Kenya (ARSK).

The Kenya/USA Reciprocal Agreement was accepted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in early January, 2001. Sadly, it remains in the Attorney General's office to this day awaiting his consent, and is not yet in force. In the meantime the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK - the successor to KP &TC) will accept applications from US citizen amateurs but may not issue licenses until they receive approval from the Ministry to do so, which depends upon the Attorney General's approval. We are now anxiously awaiting approval from the Ministry for the CCK to issue licenses far more quickly, especially short-term visitors' licenses. There is no indication when this may occur, but it is hoped it will not be too long. When and if the approval comes we hope Reciprocal Agreements will not be required of non-Kenyan amateurs, which will solve a large part of our problems. The most up-to-date licensing information including all relevant requirements and addresses can best be obtained from the ARSK website at . I keep this updated at least each month and more often if there are important changes. Please feel free to use any information from there if you wish to do so. In particular the postal address and telephone numbers for CCK are different from the old KP & TC ones.

73, "Ted" E.H.M. Alleyne, 5Z4NU <
alleyne at >
Chairman/Secretary, ARSK

Addition From: "Allan Hickman G0IAS" <g0ias at
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 06:33:46 -0800

Subject: [Dx] Good News ...

Received today a message from 5Z4NU Ted, who has taken over the seat vacated by Rob 5Z4RL as the new President of the Kenyan Radio Society...that after years of problems with a reciprocal Ham Licence with the USA, it is now possible for you guys and gals to get a 5Z4 callsign... Ted has asked me to pass on the news and any further info ONLY on this subject please to Ted....who can be found at alleyne at I'm sure Ted will help in any way possible ...Good would be nice to hear some new calls from Kenya... just about worked everybody there..!

Allan G0IAS / 7Q7AH... and others.

DX Holiday 5Z - Kenya

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