Licensing information for Uganda - 5X

Prepared by: ON6TT - Peter & OH2MCN - Veke & DK1VL Gerhard, Todd Roe
Status: July 1996, Feb 1998, Oct 11

Intro: If you have a valid license from another country, you will have no problem to get a license in Uganda, though it might take a while (anywhere from one week to 3 months), depending on when the board is sitting.

Addition from: Todd Roe toddroe at

Date: 13.10.2011


Amateur Radio Licensing in Uganda


The following is my experience with obtaining a license in Uganda (I am licensed in the U.S.)


Go to , download the file, and complete forms UCC4002-SM-ADM-01 and UCC4002-SM-FIX-02.


Bring the completed forms and a photo copy of your license to the Uganda Communications Commission located at:


UCC House

Plot 42-44 Spring Road, Bugolobi

Kampala, Uganda


Phone +256-0312-339-000


Upon arrival, tell the receptionist you would like to visit the Registry Office (it's on the first floor). There they will take your application and begin the registration process. Upon approval, they will contact you to come and pay the licensing fee (approximately $65 in local currency as of October 2011). Once the fee is paid the forms are submitted to their licensing office. In my case they called to ask what callsign I wanted, and about 4 days later it was ready to be picked up. The entire process took about 10 days. The license is valid for a period of one (1) year, after which it must be renewed.


Regards, Todd. 5X1TDR and my U.S. callsign is KD8TDR

Hello, dear friend!

We used your published information to contact Uganda authorities which was very helpful!! On reply Mr. Bugaba made the following note:
Please update the Web site:

My current contact is:
Tel: 256-41-348830, Fax: 256-41-348832
and on 12th floor of Communication House Plot 1, Colville Street in Kampala.

By the way: At this point of time ( February 1998) charge for a temporary
amateur radio licence is US$ 60

Thank you for managing all the regional informations!

Gerhard Weissler, dk1vl

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