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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & 5H3MS - Michael & Irene & OH2MCN - Veke
Status: Nov -97; appl form very old can be asked from OH2MCN & Jan -99 & Aug '00 &, Jun '01, Sep 2013

Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you may get a license in Tanzania.

PTT (from 5H3MS):
The Director General
Tanzania Communications Commission
Raha Towers - 5th floor
Maktaba/Bibi Titi Street
P.O. Box 474

Telephone +255 22 211 8947, 211 8949, 211 8950, 211 8951, 2118 952, 2118 977, 211 8978.
Fax +255 22 211 6664
TLX : 41858 DSM
Email: [email protected]  or [email protected] 
(May 13th, 2001: the phone numbers and the street address is not the actual one)

Paperwork needed:
According to the Tanzania Communications Commission (TCC) the following things are necessary for a visitor's licence:
- application form. It costs TSh 10,000 which is about US$ 20. You have to buy the application form and there is no way to copy one and send it to Tanzania. You have to buy one first, then fill it out and then send it to Tanzania.
- letter in which you ask for the licence. This letter should also contain information about the time of your stay and where you are planning to stay.
- copy of your passport
- copy of your licence
- letter(s) of recommendation e.g. from the Tanzania Amateur Radio Club (TARC), your Amateur radio club, from your embassy in Dar Es Salaam, or an English translation of letter of good conduct.
- technical specifications of your transceiver. The best thing is to copy the page with the technical specifications. You should also write the exact type of the radio.

After granting the licence you have to pay another TSh 10,000 before you will actually get a call-sign and the licence.

The problem is that you will probably need the help of a HAM in Tanzania who will go to the Tanzania Communications Commission, gets everything you need and keeps on asking how things are. The only other way might be to call and ask for a person who is responsible for amateur radio licences and talk to him or her; right now they are Mr. Oskar Mwanjesa, Mrs. Doto and Mr. Kisaka. If you send just a letter with the request, you will probably not get an answer. You should also start very early to request a licence. Things take time in Tanzania!

The Tanzania-Amateur-Radio-Club might be able to assist you in getting a licence, if there is a HAM in Dar Es Salaam who has the time to go to the Tanzania Communications Commission. The Club can also write a letter of recommendation. If a member of the club assists in obtaining a license, the club asks for a donation of US$5. The address is:
Tanzania Amateur Radio Club
P.O.Box 21497
Dar Es Salaam

73 de Michael/5H3MS/DF1NM

Addition from:  OH2MCN
Date: Sep. 2013-09-02
It gives you the details of Licensing Application and its Cost in Tanzania incl. fees.

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